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Julianne Moore’s Harper’s Bazaar UK February 2010
As you already know and heard it with every occasion presented to me – I like Julianne Moore! Anyone still surprised? I mean look at... Read More

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Isabelle Huppert, Tilda Swinton Do Vogue Germany’s Anniversary Issue
I have to admit, I purposely snubbed Vogue Germany’s October 2009 Anniversary Issue. And that’s easily understandable if you, just like I do, dislike Karl... Read More

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Katie, Julianne, Zoe, Renee, Emily Cover Elle’s November 2009 Women In Hollywood Issue
Elle Magazine dons five different covers for November 2009. While there’s only one to hit the newsstands, four more surprisingly beautiful covers go for the... Read More

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Tom Ford’s A Single Man
Please note that I’m really not into spoilers/ trailers and what you’re about to see was included on Stylefrizz for the love of fashion. And... Read More

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Julianne Moore Does Vogue UK July 2009
I remember how impressed I was last year about Julianne Moore’s Vogue Paris cover! Totally unexpected and simply beautiful, it’s one of my favorite covers... Read More

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Julianne Moore In Wonderland…Magazine
Two days ago I saw (again) a brilliant movie (if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it yet, go look for it full speed!):... Read More

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Julianne Moore Covers Vogue Paris May 2008
When hearing about who’s going to cover Paris Vogue May Issue, I expected a discreet but glacial-looking Julianne Moore. Because that’s her way. After her... Read More

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Julianne Moore’s Harper’s Bazaar May 2008
How can you work your head around Hollywood for 25 years and still manage to turn all that glitzy stuff off and make a good... Read More

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