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Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Love Perfume
A new day, a new celeb perfume! What a treat! After watching Avril Lavigne’s Black Star video, I quickly oriented my black-star-lowered IQ towards yet... Read More

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Miss USA Bikini By Jessica Simpson
Miss USA contestants get their bikini from Jessica Simpson! That’s one golden contract for the songbird who was having so much troubles convincing the world... Read More

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The New Casual By Jessica Simpson
We all have our fashion-low days. Days when things mostly mix but don’t really match, when nothing else-fashion matters. Jessica Simpson (yes, one of the... Read More

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Do You Fancy Jessica Simpson?
I have some friends that use the word “fancy” in almost every chic-like situation or object, making “fancy” a verbal trend among friends. So, Jessica... Read More

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Jessica Simpson Lingerie Collection
Why not, after all? In a few years we’ll have toilet paper signed by some fancy celebrity! I’m starting to feel a strange trend in... Read More

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Chanel Handbags
Everybody loves Chanel! And every girl should have one at home . One piece, one article, THE CHANEL. And what better than a handbag? You... Read More

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Jessica Simpson’s Shoes and Bags Line at Macy’s
Seems like the pop princess-actress is going to change again. This time only, into a fashion designer – shoes and bags wearing Jessica’s Simpson signature... Read More

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YSL Bags 2007/2008 Collection
Giving we already brought you Yves Saint Laurent Double Bag, it’s only fair that we update . Here are some of the latest models appearing... Read More

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