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Japanese Fashion Beyond Your Wildest Imagination
Talking about Japan and not making as much as a side note about the Japanese fashion is a no-go! So I’ll be making more than... Read More

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Slippers, The New Day Shoes?
The following outfit happens in Japan and though not entirely fictional, it’s completely unrelated with any real daily fashion routine we could most likely see... Read More

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Forget Harajuku And Cosplay, Here’s Japanese Goth!
The Japanese Fashion scene is a most interesting theatre for the far-lookers. I’m far rom being a specialist in all things Harajuku and Cosplay but... Read More

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Harajuku Vs Cosplay – Japanese Fashion Faceoff
It seems Harajuku was actually promoted by Gwen Stefani as a prototype for Japanese street style culture. Under many names and resulting from numerous inspiration... Read More

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