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Hermes Ties Travel Bag For Very Stylish Men
I really think this is just the natural progression of luxury things. Hermes launched a Ties Only travel bag, a special shaped suitcase for your... Read More

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Lady Gaga Loves To Wreck Hermes Birkin Bags
True, she may be a bit late in trying so hard to destroy the Hermes Birkin legend (given the recent announcements regarding the replacement of... Read More

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Hermes Goes For Profit: JP Gaultier Out, Christophe Lemaire In
Undeniably a fashion genius, Jean Paul Gaultier was designing for Hermes ever since 2003, when Martin Margiela retired. Hermes was also in possession of a... Read More

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Marc Jacobs Vacation: Shorts And Hermes Birkin
When you’re in vacation, you have to think and wear light. For your luggage sake and everyone else’s. I promise myself I’ll go light every... Read More

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$345 Hermes Garden Tools To Pamper Your Flowers
Now I know what was keeping me from getting all dirty in the back yard! I didn’t had the right approach. Tools-wise! Tomatoes! Here I... Read More

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Fairy Tales Scarves From Hermes
Hermes is definitely on a fairy tale streak. They just launched four new scarves in the fairy tale scenery they’ve developed these last months. Whether... Read More

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Hermes Scarf Les Dômes Célestes
There’s little from Hermes that won’t challenge both my inner strength and my wallet. In other words: Hermes is my (current) fash-addiction and I’m only... Read More

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Matching Haute Couture With Fast Fashion Labels Yes, You Can!
The proof in images! One, actually, as it retained my attention with that lovely mini tan Hermes bag! (have I told you I’m a Hermes... Read More

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