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Haute Couture Mass Destruction – Peter Gronquist’s Revolution Will Be Fabulous Exhibition
Remember that Monogramouflage madness? Well, I just found the perfect match! I just can’t get enough of it, in fact! It’s so derisory, it’s so... Read More

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Hermès Against eBay
Without releasing any camouflage edition, Hermès enrolls the counterfeit war and claims 30,000 euros from Ebay at the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Troyes, France.... Read More

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Posh, Darling, Here’s for You – Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermès
Others have Versace Helicopters to take them to work. Then again others have work to attend to… Posh, darling, you’ll just have to settle in... Read More

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How to Recognize a Fake Hermès Bag
Authenticity is the key issue when talking big money. Hermès is one of the fashion houses who’s still faithful to the handcraft shift. A Hermès... Read More

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Hermes – Un Jardin apres la Mousson
Because this site is about personal experience, today I wanted to share yet another one with you. And this time it’s about a perfume –... Read More

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All I Want For Christmas – Katie Holmes Hermes Kelly
Dear Santa, I’ve been good all year long (the years before too) so if you could bring me a handbag would be very nice. To... Read More

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Who Spends Fortunes on Handbags?
We all have our sources, we all scout the Internet searching for sensational news to offer you, better way to present them, brighter colours and... Read More

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