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Apple Launched A New iPhone Today. iPhone 4S
We interrupt our normally stylish and ultra fashionable program to bring you the special bulletin for your inner gadget-ista (I don’t know if that exists,... Read More

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Marc Jacobs Favorite Gadgets
So here goes another story about Marc Jacobs and what he loves. Because we love him so we want to know everything about him! (if... Read More

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Cia Maritima Swimwear Collection. Ft Sony Vaio S Series By Benny Rosset
Cia Maritima is Brazil’s most important swimwear brand. However, during this year’s Swimwear Fashion Week 2012 from Brazil, something else other than weeny teeny swimsuits... Read More

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What Decimates Bees?
All fashion issues and Red Carpet buzz aside, I’m guessing you might have heard about the Bees Issue. It has become a very sensitive matter... Read More

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Bosch IXO Bling Screwdriver With Swarovski Crystals
The weekend will be soon upon us (again) so you’ll have time to get creative. In order to do that, you may need one or... Read More

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Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S
While everyone and their respective dogs is wearing i-anything, Giorgio Armani teamed up with Samsung for yet another smart phone that “speaks for you”. And... Read More

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Manish Arora For Nespresso CitiZ, Limited Edition
This makes a proud addition to the pretty reckless but designer stuffed Christmas list. Just in case you find useful to buy a $530 Nespresso... Read More

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Perfect Christmas Gift, iPhone Style
Since I was talking about angels earlier, I instantly thought about this little piece of charming gadget I had in mind for the iPhone users... Read More

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