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Replicate Any Color With The Color Sensing Pen!
Now if you needed this, you’d think Christmas arrived earlier. And even if you didn’t need a Color Sensing Pen, you’d still receive it as... Read More

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Forget Louboutin, Take The GPS Shoes Instead!
This has more value as a gadget than anything else! In an era of anything – tech, a pair of shoes with embedded GPS seems... Read More

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The New iPhone5 (Officially Released)
My dahlings! Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past years, you have some idea about the madness stirred by Apple in the technology... Read More

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What Should I Put In My Bag? Apple Co – Founder’s Backpack Contents
You know, I sometimes ask myself if this or that really belongs in my bag and if I should keep it there. Or worse –... Read More

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What Ring For Her Or Him This Summer? Bottle Opener Ring
When your boyfriend presents himself with a ring box and a wide grin on his face, you might as well suspect that something’s going on.... Read More

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Spectacular Watch: Richard Mille’s RM 022 Carbon Tourbillon Aerodyne Dual Time
I’m an active person. Also, my day is clearly organized around the kids’ schedules. So, mostly, I’m not a wrist watch person. It makes me... Read More

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5 Stylish Camera Straps You’ll Love!
As a point – and – shoot kind of “photographer”, I never really worried about camera straps. A compact point and shoot which fits comfortably... Read More

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Fashionista’s Camera: Hermes Leica M9 – P
Although I felt like writing some kind of secret code into the title, I’m sure many of you out there know the legend that is... Read More

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