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Behold The $10,200 Gold iPad!
I started the Apple talk the other day without being aware that I was going to find yet another reason to bring the iProducts into... Read More

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Inception, The Apple Way
I’ve long been a fan of Apple’s designs and concepts. But there’s something about Apple and their lack of democracy… The way they designed each... Read More

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Gadget Undecover: World’s Best Tablet Case!
You know the iPad/tablet is the gadget everyone loves. At such point that it may just surpass the sales of home personal computers that will... Read More

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Skinny Healthy Drinking: Flavored Water Maker
More gadgets, you said! Well, here I am, fulfilling your wishes! (wink) And having loads of fun while doing it! So summer is just around... Read More

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Skinny Healthy Eating: Salad Dressing Revolutionary Tool
It’s that wonderful season again when fresh garden vegetables make it into every meal of the day with their mad scents and crazy beautiful colors... Read More

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Alexander Wang Funny Spring 2013 Commercial, Bags Deal With Samsung
Go around it all you want, fact is that designer collaborations happen. And some of them are really kind of interesting and appealing. This piece... Read More

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Will You Buy Will I Am’s $478 iPhone Case?
Will I Am is keen on exploiting the Holiday Spirit into his commercial advantage. He’s launching a special iPhone case at Selfridges next month with... Read More

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The Perfect Woman, According To Sony
I’ve seen this ad making waves on the interwebs and with good reason. I understand it targets a specific demographic and as such, any kind... Read More

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