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Glitter Makeup Punk’d The World: Chanel Fall 2013 Collection
I realize this title sounds a lot like Punch Drunk Love. Or at least in my head it does. But looking through Karl Lagerfeld’s 80... Read More

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Boho Grunge Looks: Saint Laurent Paris Fall 2013
I can hardly resist the urge to post pretty much everything that was shown during the Saint Laurent Fall 2013 Collection! It looks like a... Read More

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Unconventionally Layering Fall 2013 Vivienne Westwood Collection
Keeping my eyes peeled at the Fashion Week’s catwalks, I decided to take advantage of the instant features, living fashion as it is delivered, hot,... Read More

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Kitten Heels Back With Dior Fall 2013 Collection
Raf Simons’ collections for Dior receive a great deal of praise, no matter what he decides to use as main theme for his shows. I’m... Read More

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Wang Debuts Balenciaga Fall 2013 Black & White Somber Collection
Although I was far from expecting a colorful exuberance from Alexander Wang’s first collection as the creative of the prestigious Balenciaga maison, but the Fall... Read More

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Fall 2013 Versace Collection: Studded, Spiked, Nailed Egdy Fashion
Now that’s something we haven’t seen in a while! Since Rodarte 2008, that is! Spikes, studs, nails, anything that stings and looks like a thorn,... Read More

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Prada Shoes And Bags, Fall 2013
With every Prada show, I’m excited to observe many trends that will reverberate in fashion’s muddy waters over the few months. The speed and the... Read More

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Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends: McQ McQueen Fall 2013 Collection
I won’t even try to convince myself that these are the main trends – I know for a fact that these are the perfect main... Read More

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