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What Is Eco-Fashion?
Every-fash-body out there knows there’s a new fashion going strong right now – the organic-whatever fashion. But what and why should we fall pray to... Read More

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How to Recognize a Fake Hermès Bag
Authenticity is the key issue when talking big money. Hermès is one of the fashion houses who’s still faithful to the handcraft shift. A Hermès... Read More

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Fashionista’s Guide to a Perfect Manicure
..or how to manage your manicure so you won’t end up like Mary Kate Olsen barefoot in LA because she was just given a manicure-pedicure.... Read More

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Fashionista’s Guide to Recognize an Authentic Handbag
Let’s say you just had a gorgeous Louis Vuitton handbag for Christmas and you just want to be sure it’s the real thing. How can... Read More

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