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Jennifer Aniston’s Elle US September 2009
It was about time non-models took over! And there goes Jennifer Aniston, everybody’s favorite Friend(s) gracing the Elle Magazine cover for the September 2009 issue.... Read More

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Avril Lavigne Does Elle Canada August 2009
Elle editors must have received a directive pointing towards teen punk rock pop as the new must in fashion magazine. Women fashion magazines! While Miley... Read More

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Miley Cyrus Does Elle US August 2009
Miley Cyrus wants to be taken seriously. So much that she’s willing to put herself in the line of fire by showing (too much of)... Read More

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Emma Watson Elle UK August 2009 Vs Times Magazine
And to think that the next Harry Potter is far from being ready for the big screen! Emma Watson has two more covers for the... Read More

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Scarlett Johansson’s Elle France June 2009
Scarlett Johansson made the news recently when pictures of her photo shoot for Mango emerged and everyfashbody asked if this was the end of the... Read More

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Megan Fox Covers Elle US In June 2009
Megan Fox used to be called a younger Angelina Jolie. Tattoos and physique called for that comparison. Elle US brings the new Angelina, Megan Fox,... Read More

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Audrey Tautou’s Elle Belgium April 2009
Given she has that wonderful Chanel biopic movie coming out this year, lovely Audrey Tautou is, once again, taking the spotlight. And what a wonderful... Read More

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Eva, Monica, Sophie Without Makeup Cover French Elle April 2009
Stars Sans Fards (Celeb without makeup) on a magazine cover! Ever thought that would be possible? They say there’s no makeup, no photo retouching, nothing... Read More

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