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Best Friends Forever
Some images aren’t cut for words. Really! Take this moment in time, par exemple: two animals unlikely to tolerate each other developed a close friendship.... Read More

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Bad Dog Hair Day!
I could on endlessly about how wrong this sounds. And still! The look of it just takes me away! To a happy place! This unairbrushed... Read More

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Happy Hump Birth – Day!
You gotta love birthdays! And Hump Days! Take the two, add some puppy loveliness, some cake and you’ve got this! I give you Riley! It’s... Read More

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Easy Like A Walk In The City!
What could beat a walk in the city? Especially when it comes with an unbeatable view! Unbeatable, I tell you! It’s easy, like one, two,... Read More

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Dogs Grooming Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!
With all that beautiful catwalking I almost forgot something I’ve been meaning to share with you! Something unbelievable! And since we were talking about haircuts... Read More

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The Urban Fashion Of Dog Carriers
Since it’s obviously a fashion of the rich and paparazzi-hunted, dog carriers and carrying your dog partout is an issue. While some of us still... Read More

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World’s Tallest And Smallest Dog
Found this. Couldn’t resist. Perfect Easy like.. moment! (and those easy moments, you know, they’re rara avis!) Had to share! No photoshopping involved! Pure reality!... Read More

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Hello Kitty Swarovski Doghouse
After seeing the Hello Kitty contact lenses, I thought nothing else could come up more Hello Kitty –grotesque. And still… Here’s the most expensive doghouse... Read More

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