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Here’s The World’s Most Expensive Christmas Bauble!
I’m one of those traditional-bounded who loves a classic red Christmas Tree. Not that I would mind some color, but I just don’t see it... Read More

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Love Diamond – It Is All Worth It!
I was looking for a way to keep you posted with the latest chez Mr & Mrs Kpriss (& co)… Well, this Love Diamond ad... Read More

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Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Flowers Diamonds
Now if I can have a monogrammed bag, a monogrammed ring, monogrammed-you-name-it, why not a monogrammed diamond? Montblanc has it, so does Louis Vuitton! The... Read More

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Tiffany & Co Diamonds Phone Is A Bestseller!
Tiffany & Co got its hands into gadgetry too. Their phones (made with Softbank Mobile) were encrusted with over 400 diamonds and priced at appx... Read More

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Eva Green’s Montblanc Ad Campaign
A while back, I told you there was going to be a Montblanc advertising campaign featuring Eva Green. I was quite impatient to see how... Read More

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Victoria’s Secret Made The World Most Expensive Bra
It may not look great but this isn’t your average bra. And that’s not just because it comes from Victoria’s Secret! Or because it’s presented... Read More

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Would You Wear The Roberto Coin Gold Clutch?
The spark-full season approaches! For that reason and a million more, this Roberto Coin Gold Clutch should be the trigger for some serious shine-thoughts. The... Read More

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Here’s The $1,000,000 Pearl Necklace!
I talked about that pearl necklace t-shirt and how expensive it was just the other day but this is way too much! The million dollar... Read More

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