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World’s Most Expensive CD Case
Universal Music and Nagahori, the Japanese jeweler presented “Woman, Sweet 10 Diamonds”, a CD with “18 songs by female vocalists”. Nothing unusual so far. However,... Read More

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Rolex Datejust 36mm 2009 Watches Collection
Roles Datejust 36mm collection puzzles me. On a quick view, I really thought the watches were Louis Vuitton due to the Murakami-ish flower prints. Then... Read More

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Leon Verres And Le Billionaire Champagne
Drinking champagne is, to me, associated with special moments. I don’t think than bubbling up the moment would bring more flavor to the celebration, but... Read More

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Get A Diamonds Massage!
I was thinking about a light, shallow and funny approach of this subject but I got so carried away with the subject, I had to... Read More

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Would You Pay $3 million For Madonna’s Versace Tiara?
…because it’s been auctioned off, so you could get your fair shot at the legendary Versace Tiara! The opening bid is $699,000 but it was... Read More

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SpongeBob Jewelry For Marc Jacobs!
Who’s the world’s number one Sponge Bob fan? (or at least the Fashion World’s number one Sponge Bob fan..) Maaaaarc Jacoooobs! So that’s at least... Read More

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Hayden Panettiere’s Gianfranco Ferré At The Golden Globes 2009
I used to dislike Hayden Panettiere’s outfit choices. For almost a year now I don’t have much to say in disapproval. Not because she’s setting... Read More

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Who Could Wear The Roberto Coin Golden Bustier?
I don’t know what your outfit was for this New Year’s party, but if only you knew earlier, I bet you would’ve made this very... Read More

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