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Perez Hilton Clothing Line – Once A Gossip Blogger Now A Designer!
I sincerely thought Katie’s blue and red number from the Met Gala was the worst news of the week. Oh, how I was wrong! The... Read More

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Shoes Go Natural – On Pedder Advertising Campaign
Today I came across some interesting pictures in the form of an advertorial for a shoe store from Hong Kong. On Pedder was established in... Read More

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Marc Jacobs GQ Magazine Interview vs Marc Jacobs Moment With Élodie Bouchez
Today I thought about a new category. A category where you’ll find articles about famous people and their words of wisdom about themselves or about... Read More

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Karl Lagerfeld’s Interview In Prestige Magazine – Your Daily Lagerfeld Wisdom Without Moderation
It’s a must! Forget about books, forget about your daily, weekly, monthly magazine routine! The interview from Prestige Magazine is so memorable, it could easily... Read More

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And another designer for a fast-fashion chain. And it’s a returning collaboration, en plus! Emma Cook worked a capsule printed collection for Topshop available in... Read More

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The Kaiser Lagerfeld Wears Prada
How high can you go and how inflated with your own ego can you be, once you get there? I often get to read about... Read More

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Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Collection Fragrances
First of all, let’s get some things cleared up here – we all know who Gwen Stefani is (or at least that’s the presumption I’m... Read More

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Oh, that Monogramouflage!
And it’s officially out! The new Monogramouflage from Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami looks like this. Have to say I’d expected something little less on... Read More

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