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Flowery Dresses By Nicole Dextras
Take that literally! Much we’ve seen in fashion and we’re not shocked anymore by the various shapes and destinations fashion uses in the name of... Read More

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Gaga’s New Shoes
This is what she should seriously consider for her next shows/videos: Sciancalepore Caroline’s “socles pour femme”. The concept itself is far from new as we’ve... Read More

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The Designer And His Colorful Models
Now I’ll just go on the fun note, to forget the frowning caused by the earlier mentioned article. This is a bright, colored photo meant... Read More

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Candy Shoes
Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, how about some strange-looking, funny shoes? Imagined and created by Belma Arnautovic, the Lolice shoes look bright, happy and sweet.... Read More

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Haute Couture Skateboards
If you’re a fan of Haute Couture, then everything haute, including sports related gears, would seem appropriate for you to own! Actually using the haute... Read More

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Cheap Monday Bracelet
If you’re into designing clothing or accessories, what you must keep in mind is that bizarre sells. Don’t know bizarre? Scroll down! What you’re about... Read More

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Christina Oh’s Knit World
Is a magical one! Christina Oh’s magic fingers can recreate a bike using needles and thread! And as fragile and as wonderful as it looks,... Read More

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Dare To Wear The Flow Straw Ring?
It may not be my jewelry of choice, but it surely looks fit for my baby girl! Or for any girls out there. The Flow... Read More

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