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The Music Toucher
I wish I would have enough words to describe how wonderful this concept could be! The Music-Toucher allows those of us who can’t hear the... Read More

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Get Dirty With Roland Tiangco’s Poster No 1!
The first from a (hopefully) long, beautiful series of posters by Roland Tiangco, the Dirt Po (or) ster is too much for words! I haven’t... Read More

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Dare To Wear Tour De Force Giant Layered Headbands?
Yesterday I was going through my pile of various scarves looking for something I could put on. As a headpiece. Something I could transform and... Read More

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Vogue Celeb Covers! Fear Nate Page’s Carved Magazines Art!
If you thought that by simply throwing away the magazine with the most disappointing cover is punishment enough, take a look at Nate Page’s carvings!... Read More

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Kenzo Unidentified Fragrance Object By Ron Arad
Highly esteemed designer Ron Arad worked on a special project with Kenzo. The newest fragrance for women from Kenzo is called Unidentified Fragrance Object and... Read More

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I Don’t Go To University Is A Fashion!
Someone had to invent that logo sooner or later! I Don’t Go To University is a friendly slap on the back of those collegiate fashionable... Read More

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Don’t Miss The Last Drop!
Long story short: you’ll never miss the last drop of anything if the packaging departments of any company using dispensers for their products would start... Read More

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Rad By Rad Hourani Diffusion Line 2009
I’m puzzled. And somewhat scared. I remember a time when unisex fashion was intriguing and interesting and appealing out and about Kate Moss. But Rad... Read More

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