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Judy Garland Get Happy Vs Katie Holmes Get Happy
The Dancing Stars madness has now a Cruise-dimension with Katie Holmes doing the Get Happy dance a la Judy Garland! Every now and then, the... Read More

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Central Station Antwerp’s Sound Of Music
On March 23rd, something amazing happened in Antwerp. Their Central Station was filled with the Sound of Music! Literally! I won’t spoil the fun of... Read More

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Ocean’s Twelve Nikkfurie Thé à la Menthe
I was a big fan of Soderbergh’s Ocean’s Eleven. So, naturally, when Ocean’s Twelve came out, I was more than enthusiast. Saw the movie without... Read More

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I always thought Tango requires a very good synchronization with the dance partner. Not only it involves a very high level of emotion, but it’s... Read More

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I may not be the greatest dancer but I know a good song when I hear it and dancing it becomes a must. Antonio Banderas... Read More

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Every now and then we all need some dancing lessons and letting go techniques. Not to mention some catchy music. Hitch wasn’t that much of... Read More

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About now I think it’s clear enough I have a weakness for dancing and everything related. Today’s Friday Break is only confirming that. It has... Read More

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It’s Friday, remember? This one, despite a terrible flue coming over me, I’m fighting the virus with the fiercest weapon of them all: love for... Read More

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