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Model Photoshop Malfunction? Slimming Black Dress?
We’re so close to the Fashion Week craze that it will be practically impossible to ignore the weight talk, anorexia warning signs and… well, generally... Read More

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Amy Winehouse Similar Dress Now On Sale
Amy Winehouse’s sudden and (somewhat) inexplicable death has taken everyone by surprise and they’re all experiencing some kind of magnetic fascination with the late star’s... Read More

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Zoe Kravitz Does Asos
Now here’s the charming Zoe Kravitz (yes, there’s a reason for her to wear that name – her father is the Lenny Kravitz) doing fashion... Read More

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The Selby Asos Holiday 2010 Ad Campaign
Black Friday oblige! What have you got your eyes on for the Holidays? I was perusing the fashoutlets and came across few maxi dresses (you... Read More

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Ruffles Shoes From Louboutins Philip Lim To Asos
A catwalk ripoff isn’t generally limited to one or two versions, especially if we’re dealing with highlighted designers. Christian Louboutin’s collaboration with Philip Lim has... Read More

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