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Jourdan Dunn, Liu Wen Hide Faces In Rag & Bone Ad Campaign
So I was reading the news today. And this particular title drew my attention: ‘the stunning’ Jourdan Dunn and Liu Wen star in the new... Read More

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Christina Aguilera New Perfume Ad Campaign, Same Ol’ Photoshop Disaster Trick
Ever since her divorce, Christina Aguilera has kept her public persona in the spotlight either through her participation in a TV show, either through her... Read More

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Emma Stone’s New Revlon Yellow Nails Ad Looks Odd
Like in strangler – odd. I know, I may be making too much out of this pose, but really, Revlon? Wasn’t there any other position... Read More

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Natalie Portman Photoshopped Dior Mascara Campaign Banned
Natalie Portman – who, as we all know – continues to represent the Christian Dior brand has been the victim of over – Photoshopping in... Read More

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Selfridges Wishes You A Count Basie Christmas! Already
Can you believe I started Christmas talking already? Truth being told, it’s never too early to talk Christmas. Is it? Our dear friend, Ellington, sent... Read More

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The Mentalist’s Perfume: Simon Baker Advertising For Givenchy Fragrance
It’s been a while since we last talked about The Mentalist. Simon Baker, my dahlings, hasn’t been lazy at all: he was just appointed as... Read More

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Barney’s Slimmed Down Minnie Mouse And Daisy Duck
I was reading this heated protest campaign reclaiming Barney’s Disney characters slim down. And I thought about our kids. Who happen to watch Disney classics... Read More

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Debating Chanel No. 5 Perfume Ad Campaign With Brad Pitt! Inevitable.
To paraphrase Chanel’s Press Release for the occasion: For many, Brad Pitt is an icon. For others, a busy father of four, life partner of... Read More

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