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Pearls Comeback for 2008
So are those pearls back on track? I know Sarah Jessica Parker’s moves are awaited and followed. When I saw her difficult-to-qualify-all-black-outfit and long strands... Read More

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Even from the moment it was presented, the Prada Spring Summer 2008 Campaign literally freaked me out. The Trembled Blossoms animation film is an offense... Read More

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Boots Trend for 2008 – Wear them Off!
Remember how crazy Madonna drives us with her long laced boots? Well, I might have been on the verge of making a very important discovery... Read More

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Tattoo your Teeth
Would you? Wear a tattoo on your teeth? Given that skin tattoos are really getting uninteresting, tattoo artists expand their business. Truth is, I value... Read More

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Stylish Socks for Sandals
Not too long ago, I asked you if you could wear socks with sandals. Now I came across the kind of socks I’d wear with... Read More

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The Keffiyeh-Shemagh-Desert Scarf Returns at Urban Outfitters
The Keffiyeh was made publicly famous by the late Yasser Arafat, as he covered his head with it and fold it in the shape of... Read More

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The New Uggs – Muks Boots Prepared for Summer 2008
I guess fashion is not without a powerful sense of ugliness. All in the name of comfort, trend setters throw a new outrageousness in the... Read More

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America’s Next Top Model Nigel Barker Judges Macbook Air
The long awaited and long praised Macbook Air once released it was only natural that we see how judges will received it. When we’re talking... Read More

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