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Lace Trend From Prada To Furniture
After Prada Fall Winter 2008/2009 catwalk presentation, everyone was asking if the lace thing is really going to catch. Wondering and waiting I haven’t thought... Read More

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Military Trend Goes Chic With Sophie Hulme
To tell you the truth, I look at this bow-coat and ask myself why I liked it in the first place! It was an instant... Read More

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Jewelry Trend Alert – Time To Play!
Ladies, it’s time to let your complicated necklaces at home, store away your skull rings and your edgy earrings, there’s a new trend coming! Seems... Read More

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Bad Taste Superheroes Ready To Save Us All
There’s a new superhero breeze hitting the shores of the world. Like someone in the film industry knew how insecure the system gets day by... Read More

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Harajuku Vs Cosplay – Japanese Fashion Faceoff
It seems Harajuku was actually promoted by Gwen Stefani as a prototype for Japanese street style culture. Under many names and resulting from numerous inspiration... Read More

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Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy TV Broadcasting Online
Have you noticed recently how music takes over the world? No matter where you turn your head, music is there. Designers consider revolving the job... Read More

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Does My Car Really Fit Me?
Do you know those moments when you ask yourself if your car really fits you? Or your bag? Or the shoes you wanted so much... Read More

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Sarah Jessica Parker Jewelry Rampage At Point Foundation Benefit
It’s beyond any doubt that the SATC girls were under severe stylist advising for the Point Foundation Benefit at Capitale – they look so “matched”... Read More

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