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Stiletto Protector. Would You?
Above any fashion madness (or maybe just because of that fashion has reached the madness levels), there’s got to be some kind of fashion madness... Read More

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Have You Seen The $8Million iPhone?
That’s because I can’t honestly ask you if you want the bling thing! It’s so expensive, it makes writing about so vain! However, when it... Read More

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Gucci’s $225 3D Glasses For Cinema Use Only
After giving us that stunningly sense-voided commercial and the headache that accompanied it, Gucci is coming strong with something as high – useless as it... Read More

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Airbag Collar For Safe Cycling
Now with all that couture vibe in bicycling, I feel there’s something – cycling to say every day… Like all things fashion, this will surely... Read More

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Ready For Jury Zaech Fresh Bicycle Approach?
You know there’s that couture biking thing in the air, don’t you? Well, here’s something else to bring you a completely new, fresh perspective on... Read More

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Yamaha Hermes Leather VMax Motorcycle
I really thought the couture bike was alright. I mean other than the price and the obvious snobbery act of owning a designer bicycle, it... Read More

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The New App Fashion, Jason Schwartzman Edition
No particular reason for this one! What? Haven’t seen me feature men around here too often? (there’s a simple reason for that: my eyes, heart... Read More

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Marc Jacobs For Your iPhone And iPad
Remember Bookmarc? It’s the new fashionable place to be in New York. Not so, really, but one of the most interesting new sites to take... Read More

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