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Samsung Presents The Perfumed Lavender Mobile Phone
What could convince you to change your mobile phone? A better design? Higher performances? Easier accessibility? How about perfume? A perfumed mobile phone? And by... Read More

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I came across something very interesting the other day while I was searching the internet for something stylefrizz-worthy. (in fact, to be honest, it came... Read More

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Emporio Armani Goes Mobile (Again) With Samsung
If it brings in cash for the house, than it’s a go! Emporio Armani mobile project with Samsung gets another name and another face. This... Read More

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Fashion Meet Tech – Vivienne Tam HP Digital Clutch Summer 2009
Vivienne Tam Spring Summer 2009 Collection wasn’t all that bad. Wasn’t all that good either. Somehow, even if the clothes look good at first, at... Read More

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Form Fieber Rasp Ring – Could It Work?
I think I have a soft spot for rings today. Here’s the first one – the Rasp Ring by Formfieber. It may look ordinary, but... Read More

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Fashionably Morning With Wake Up Rings
If you thought time will still pass until living in a complete sci fi style, think again! Here’s a reason to enter reality and embrace... Read More

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Get Ready For The Philips Emotional Dress!
Just as our friend, Ellington, promised, it’s time to save some money for the Armani TV set: Philips designs dresses! Not your average kind of... Read More

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Disney And Swarovski Iriver Mplayer
What does it look like? Like Mikey Mouse’s head jewelry adorned. Like a Kid Robot stones encrusted. What is it really? It’s an Mp3 player... Read More

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