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Le Geek C’est Chic, Wedding Edition
There’s been quite a while since I haven’t struck you with a charming piece of Geek Chic! Well today is the day you’ll be submerged... Read More

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Tell Everyone How Much You Love Your Bike!
With the new bike designer fashion, there’s always place to show your newly discovered love for bicycling. Whether you’re into Hermes two wheeled vehicles or... Read More

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Samsung Galaxy S Femme And Aveda
Remember we talked about a scented mobile phone a while back? Now let’s check out the latest on the mobile market for women: Samsung Galaxy... Read More

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The Spray On Clothing, That Practical?
As we’re moving faster and faster, I thought technology will overcome us. It did not happened. I’m still bound with loving a brick sized, more... Read More

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IIDA Light Pool Phone, Pocket Christmas Tree
That’s really what crossed my mind when I first saw this phone! A pocket – sized Christmas lights splendor. It’s either that or the perfect... Read More

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Alexander McQueen Case For My Laptop? Mais Oui!
Because you see-aah, my laptop deservers-aah! It’s so fashionable and stylish-aah, I can’t, simply cannot resist-aah! All those tiny skulls-aah! Look at them, they’re so... Read More

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Would You Like A Phone Dress?
It’s actually not a tricky question and yes, it does have the proper tech support to go with the madness of its title! It’s being... Read More

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Have You Seen The New Barbie Video Girl Doll?
Not? Well, it’s really amazing! It’s a classic Barbie Doll with a high-tech twist! It allows you to record videos through her chest-embedded video camera... Read More

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