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Fred Leather Metallic Oxfords By Christian Louboutin
I’m either a flat shoes girl or a (very) high heels girl. There’s no inbetween for me. The Oxfords have been messing around the high... Read More

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Jimmy Choo Trainers Collection Fall 2010
Since we’re all living fast times and we’re always in a hurry, running around in high heels may not be the best option. Jimmy Choo... Read More

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Sak’s Ryusaku Hiruma Leather Converse Sneakers
Our dear friend, Adriana, joked one day about Converse issuing a new sneaker every day. Maybe so, maybe not, we’re bound by the pleasures of... Read More

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Gaga’s New Shoes
This is what she should seriously consider for her next shows/videos: Sciancalepore Caroline’s “socles pour femme”. The concept itself is far from new as we’ve... Read More

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Converse Shoes With Laces On The Side By Takahiro Miyashita
My inner Converse girl nearly jumped off the chair at the sight of these sneakers! They’re authentic Converse sneakers, the new generation! Designed in collaboration... Read More

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Candy Shoes
Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, how about some strange-looking, funny shoes? Imagined and created by Belma Arnautovic, the Lolice shoes look bright, happy and sweet.... Read More

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We Should All Walk In Kenneth Cole 9 2 5 Shoes!
You know how the shoe frenzy gets to you? You don’t? Neither do I! The shoe frenzy just gets to you and that’s the end... Read More

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White Socks, Black High Heels Shoes For Cocktail Party
You may remember I was enthusiast about that old socks and sandals trend a while back. I still feel the same way. However, this particular... Read More

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