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Elle Shoes Have A Diary
Didn’t you feel there was something missing from the Blogosphere? A blog dedicated to ridiculously expensive (but unearthly beautiful) shoes? Chez Elle (yes, Elle Magazine!)... Read More

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Lindsay Lohan Uses Fake Bake Tanner
It’s not unseen that celeb only give their names to some products. But Lindsay Lohan’s self tanner made quite a buzz given she’s a self... Read More

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Dita Von Teese’s First Bra
Dita Von Teese talking about lingerie is a subject we wouldn’t want to miss! Dita remembers her very first bra, the one she received from... Read More

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Nicole Richie’s Important Message For Women And Bottled Water!
Needless to say we’re talking about that bottled water car-case chain message (don’t read it if you don’t want the green grass stop growing under... Read More

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Erin Wasson, The Half Pipe And The Tree House
For those interested, Erin Wasson is hosting another garage sale with big-brand-clothes! Joking! That was almost two weeks ago! But seriously, for those of you... Read More

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Blender No More!
And another one bites the dust! Following news about cutbacks chez Times, no paychecks chez Interview, now Blender Magazine officially announced the April 2009 Issue... Read More

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Human Cryogenics At $14 Per Week!
Would you give into the immortality temptation? It’s the new fashion in the UK! For $14 some are taking the ice-promise of foreverness, really believing... Read More

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Bond Girls Love Spanx
Bond Girl Gemma Arterton is a Spanx lover! She admitted she can’t do without those nasty looking, structure building knickers. If Bond loved her that... Read More

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