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Monica Bellucci For Dior
I’ll take this pretext to touch the Bellucci mania. So – Monica Bellucci is the face for the Dior bags ad campaign. Besides the obvious... Read More

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Eva Mendes Not So Curvy Looks For CK Underwear
I may be in an overcritic mood today, but is my sight deceiving me or these so long awaited ads for Calvin Klein Underwear are... Read More

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Kate Moss US Vogue August 2008
When the rumors about a new Vogue with Kate Moss promised a Brigitte Bardot look for her I felt disappointed. The eternal lack of originality... Read More

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Tom Cruise Valkyrie Vs Claus Von Stauffenberg Photoshop Courtesy
Valkyrie is Tom Cruise’s endless film. Delayed two times already, the film may be jinxed. A photo just came out stirring more controversy to the... Read More

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Debbie Harry Rejuvenating Poster
Just because I loved Blondie, Debbie Harry as well, I couldn’t get pass this odd picture. Of course I could indulge because I just said... Read More

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Grace Jones Picture By Jean Paul Goude Decrypted
Now I bet I got all your attention! I found this easy to assemble (it’s not a random word!) gorgeous picture of Grace Jones. And... Read More

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Gwyneth Paltrow Cover No 53 June/July 2008 By Mario Sorrenti
I never look at my keyboard when writing and this time I started the article looking at Gwyneth Paltrow’s picture.. you know.. for inspiration…And the... Read More

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Naomi Watts Angel By Thierry Mugler
I wonder what’s the purpose of having a world-wide-known face to represent your already world-wide-known product… Naomi Watts is the new face of Thierry Mugler’s... Read More

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