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How To Wear Your Scarf
The scarf is the new tie. As such, a formal schematics of how to tie your scarf has been issued. It’s for men, biensur! (actually,... Read More

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Who Is Keanu Reeves?
Since I opened a series of Men-articles here, today, let me express my deepest concern about the rumors covering Keanu Reeves’ origins and situation. I’ve... Read More

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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Vanity Fair Vs Harper’s Bazaar December 2009
Instead of treating these two cover-stories separately, I chose to bring them closer together, see the flaws (or appreciate the coherence). A solo Robert Pattinson... Read More

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Perfect Casual Urban Attire
You really missed this one, Mr Schuman! And I couldn’t feel more happy to be the one to break this perfect outfit to you! No,... Read More

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Cam Gigandet’s Pacifier
Cam Gigandet – you may be familiar with him from The O.C where he played Kevin Volchok for 15 episodes or Twilight where he was... Read More

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Power By Fifty Cent, The Fragrance
I may be behind on my hip culture, but I haven’t heard nothing music-wise from 50 lately… Instead, there goes something fashion & beauty –... Read More

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Ewan McGregor Is A Fantastic Man This Fall Winter 2009 2010
There goes GRRR…. McGrrregor. Ewan McGregor. He’s covering the Fantastic Man magazine, their Fall/winter 2009/2010 issue. Before anything, let me just state the clear as... Read More

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Catwalk Halloween With Katie Eary
If you want a classic for Halloween, don’t scroll down! If you’re thinking about something new, something terrible, something fashionable, then go ahead, delight your... Read More

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