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Natalia Vodianova Ad For Jacob & Co
Runway retired mother of three Natalia Vodianova still gets to features some well placed ad campaigns. Jacob & Co is one of them. This is... Read More

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Fashionably Gamer : Tiffany & Co. Playing Cards
For just $30 you can play your own Tiffany & Co cards. I guess it’s just a matter of time until we’ll have (at least... Read More

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Here’s The $1,000,000 Pearl Necklace!
I talked about that pearl necklace t-shirt and how expensive it was just the other day but this is way too much! The million dollar... Read More

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Your iPhone Is LV Or Diamonds Compatible?
If you love your phone, you’ll take good care of it. By that I’m saying you shouldn’t put it in the same place as the... Read More

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You know the corporate ways of life. It’s like they’ve got a world of their own, a different universe – the corpuniverse. Well, in LVMH... Read More

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$14 Million Garrard Necklace And $16,26 Million Chopard Ring
What’s a $14 Million item meant to do? Nothing. Just be. Garrard’s Heart of the Kingdom Ruby is one of the most expensive jewelry ever.... Read More

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Have Your Armani TV For $8,750
If you dream about wearing an Armani dress or get into an Armani hotel, just think that you only do it once. Maybe twice. What... Read More

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The $8,400 Louis Vuitton Golf Bag
If you can go fishing with Chanel gear or cycling with Gucci apparel, now here you have your very own Louis Vuitton Golf Bag. Ready... Read More

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