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Marc Jacobs For Waterford Collection
After seeing what he’s willing to do for taxes payers rights, let’s get to Marc Jacobs’ serious business. What’s in his plate right now? Waterford,... Read More

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Chanel Fine Joaillerie
Aesthetically speaking, I’m worryingly ambivalent when it comes to this Chanel Fountain Ring! Upon a first, quick look, I was ready to label it “ugly”.... Read More

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Vintage Deco Gucci Sixties Limoges Lamps
Get your deco fix with vintage Gucci lamps! Perfectly China, perfectly delicate, this lamps duo can surely match any interior. A condition qu’il soit stylish!... Read More

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Too Snob To Buy Cheap?
I’m one to think as the British elegantly put it “too poor to buy cheap” that quality is important. But branding and quality are not... Read More

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Most Stylish Luggage Bottega Veneta Alligator Suitcases
Worrying about misplacing and/or damaging your luggage when airtraveling (and not only) is the main concern when using Bottega Veneta’s alligator skin luggage set! Complete... Read More

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Pharrell Blings The Bape Casio G Shock DW 6900
Since that last dubious tasted chair that Pharrell Williams (said to have) designed, I heard nothing outrageously notable in Pharrell’s designer interests. Until this Casio... Read More

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Ride The Benz. The Mercedes-Benz Bike!
Now really, if Chanel can do it, than surely Mercedes-Benz will come up with a riding solution to upscale the bicycle riding as we know... Read More

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Takashi Murakami And Louis Vuitton Celebrating With Superflat First Love
Special collaborations call for special celebrations! Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton fete six years of fruitful collaboration. A special movie was made: the Superflat First... Read More

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