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Marc Jacobs Ad Campaign With Cole Mohr Vs Marc Jacobs BryanBoy
Marc Jacobs is definitely into blogging! By now you’ve all seen at least one of the images from the upcoming Marc by Marc Jacobs Advertising.... Read More

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David Beckham Emporio Armani Billboard
Longtime ignoring this news has finally caught me. And not because I gave into the charm of the ad’s face or the ad’s brand, but... Read More

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Louis Vuitton Quality Issues
I wonder if they were considering this when they started that awful war against counterfeiting! On June 5, the Louis Vuitton Store from the Chinese... Read More

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Paul Burrell Jewelry Line
America is and always will be fascinated with everything-Britain-related. You may look at the title of this article and raise eyebrows saying “who is Paul... Read More

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Lindsay Lohan Pro Vintage Campaign
I asked you once if you were into vintage and now I’ll ask you again (who knows, maybe this campaign will change your mind)…Clothing charity... Read More

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Jessica Simpson Lingerie Collection
Why not, after all? In a few years we’ll have toilet paper signed by some fancy celebrity! I’m starting to feel a strange trend in... Read More

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Le Tribunal De Grande Instance: Hermès 1, eBay 0
I was hoping the other way around, but Hermès got ruled in favor by le Tribunal de Grande Instance. Unconfirmed, eBay has to pay $31,... Read More

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Estée Lauder La Mer Cosmetics Donates For Protecting The Ocean
For every Ocean dip you enjoy, you have to remember the Ocean has to be protected and taken care of so you’ll continue enjoying it... Read More

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