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Xdress Men Lingerie. Why not?
And because a girl’s gotta have some fun, I thought I’d share something special but nonetheless very interesting I came across today. Xdress lingerie for... Read More

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Tiffany 0 eBay 1
Isn’t lovely to have a piece of good news every once in awhile? France may be the promised land of fashion and style, but surely... Read More

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Hosting Worries
As you may have seen, yesterday we had some hosting troubles. I guess it’s true when they say a trouble doesn’t come alone. The day... Read More

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It’s A Louis Vuitton Dog Affair
That’s about the most insane thing I’ve ever seen! And precisely the reason I decided to show the appalling picture to you too. It’s even... Read More

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Meet The Image Fulgurator, Tourists Nightmare
Imagine you’re a tourist. Innocently taking pictures of everything you find worthy and discovering later on, that your pictures aren’t really showing what you first... Read More

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Artificial Intelligent Scales
Weight. Gaining weight. Loosing weight. Scales. Calories. Weight. Uh-uh, complete madness, I bet you know! However, I’m a sincere person, with the others and with... Read More

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Kanye West Collection
Besides being dressed in his “own” creations, Kanye West (yes, yes, it’s a singer, hence the new celeb turned designer) announced (Friday, in Paris) a... Read More

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Everyone Wants A Piece Of eBay!
When declaring that in the last year the total value of sold items on a website was approx. $60bn, you can always expect trouble. The... Read More

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