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My Own Fairy Tale
You know, when you were little and you had that little book of things you were going to do when/while you were growing up? (at... Read More

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Mischa Barton’s Weight Out Of Control
How low must they expect the ratings charts for Mischa’s show to go if they’re speculating (again) on Mischa Barton’s weight? The poor girl’s picture... Read More

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Lindsay Lohan’s Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist Isn’t Actually Hers
(oh, what a surprise!) The young and restless Lindsay Lohan just got herself a new lawsuit filed by a St Petersburg chemist who claims the... Read More

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Michael Jackson Was Human After All. And Now He’s Gone.
Though millions have already watched and participated (in spirit) at/the Michael Jackson Memorial Service held at the Staples Center, no matter how hard I tried... Read More

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Monster Children Wants Kate Moss With Clothes On!
Though it may sound like complete madness, it’s true! Someone, somewhere (and not over the rainbow but right here, on our very dear Earth), present... Read More

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Jessica Stam, Elettra Rossellini, Mischa Barton Charity Water
Beauty and charity always made a power couple! Jessica Stam and Elettra Rossellini teamed up with Scott Harrison, the Charity: Water founder to raise awareness... Read More

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Megan Fox Before And After
I’ve never been as interested in Megan Fox as to look into her (past or present). But something has caught my attention while doing my... Read More

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Audrey Hepburn Stamp Vs. Beatles Sgt Pepper Poster (Auction Faceoff)
Timeless Audrey Hepburn‘s value is unquestionable, even on a stamp! Her smiley face, her big, smart, bold eyes see through you even if she’s doing... Read More

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