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Twilight Dolls And Action Figures
Highly stereotyped and unrecognizably styled, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan make it to the dolls/action figures ranks! This might be a great business opportunity for... Read More

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Dina Goldstein’s Fallen Princesses Project
I remember when, growing up, I was being told that the values of an entire nation are visible in their fairy tales culture and I... Read More

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How To Instantly Drop Two Sizes!
Victoria Beckham is so slim, you could really see through her if it wasn’t for all those high designers outfits and those sky high stilettos... Read More

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Gap’s Khaki CFDA Collection Now Available (For Skinny Girls Only)!
While every summer or pre summer magazine out there is piling up on slimming wonder-recipe and workout secrets to slim you down for the beach,... Read More

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Love Photoshops En Plus!
Since being skinny is that new social standard everyone (and soon their dogs) is so keen on, you’d say that Photoshop and magazines photos go... Read More

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Spread The Word: The Uniform Project
The fashblogosphere has a special category of daily fashionistas who dress themselves and take a picture, make an article around it. In order to see... Read More

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Nudity Doesn’t Sell Anymore!
Or at least not for Vanity Fair it doesn’t! Gisele Bundchen’s almost nude cover for Vanity Fair May 2009 wasn’t as high seller as expected!... Read More

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Brad Pitt’s Buys $1 Million Neo Rauch Painting
Behold, there goes Brad Pitt shopping for some serious art items! After last’s year art-pitt-interrogation, now I’m left puzzling about his newest addition: a 1998... Read More

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