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The Jeans Boots Happening At A Store Near You
While you’re sitting in the comfort of your home, atrocious fashthings happen on the outside! And think no further than a shoe store near you!... Read More

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Chloe Sevigny, The Fashionable One
How can you resist a good story? Especially when it’s about one of today’s most courted and praised fashionistas: Chloe Sevigny? Aren’t you curious what... Read More

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Paris Does Marilyn Monroe For Tease Perfume Launch
If she would want to, Paris could definitely add Tease as her middle name. Paris Tease Hilton. Because she can. For her latest perfume (it’s... Read More

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Peaches Geldof Swimsuit Disaster
Peaches Geldof can be called many things, however, style icon is surely not one of those! I’m sure she’s a charming young woman, I’m sure... Read More

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The Silence Of Fashion Disasters By Pete Wentz
Pete Wentz is a fashion designer. Everybody is a fashion designer nowadays. However, it seems Pete’s Clandestine Industries collection presentation was pretty spectacular. At least... Read More

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Miley Cyrus Most Fashionable Outfit.Not
I tried to find a comparison for Miley Cyrus’ outfit. And my mind kept wondering in the dangerous vicinity of Lindsay Lohan’s most stylish wardrobe.... Read More

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Makeup Don’t Nicole Kidman’s Overpowdered Nose
It’s a common makeup practice: using powder for the finishing touch so no grease, no sweat be seen in the spotlight. Nicole Kidman’s makeup artist... Read More

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Jessie Cave’s Flowers And Polka Dots Disaster
Have I told you I’m a Harry Potter fan? Well, I’m catching up then: I looove Harry Potter! Now getting back to the actual point... Read More

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