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Dare To Wear The Amazing Blankoat By Sruli Recht?
Even if I can’t overlook the obvious truth that this would make a great addition to any Darth Lord’s wardrobe, I have to admit it’s... Read More

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Dare To Wear PET Jewelry By Gulnur Ozdaglar?
In order to get used to the ecoattitude, I’ll look for (and keep you posted with) more and surprising ways to help the environment and... Read More

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Could You Wear Susanne Matsche’s Inside-Out Rings?
True beauty lies within. That should always be the case, but in an ever speeding age of visual marketing, tags and brands rule the so-called... Read More

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Dare To Wear Demitasse, Demistache Unconventional Jewelry?
Our friend, Ellington, sent me an email the other day asking me to take a look at some jewelry she found interesting. So I did.... Read More

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Who Could Wear The Roberto Coin Golden Bustier?
I don’t know what your outfit was for this New Year’s party, but if only you knew earlier, I bet you would’ve made this very... Read More

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Would You Wear Yunju Lee’s Unusual Jewelry?
There’s a golden style rule saying that you have to turn your flaws into advantages. Even when those flaws are nothing but everyday minor accidents,... Read More

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Would You Wear Hello Puppet Jewelry By Niza Huang?
Every now and then, I pride myself with finding new and interesting creations, beautiful little things that could set you a part from all others.... Read More

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Could You Wear Pam Hogg’s Leggings And Catsuit?
I may be a conservative in my own way, but wearing a superwoman flashy costume, even for a night out, doesn’t ring any bells for... Read More

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