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Wimbledon Nails: Serena Williams White And Orange Funky Nails
We may not watch a lot of sports in the Frizz household but tennis always sneaks in. We have a lot of respect and admiration... Read More

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One Direction Nail Polish; Anti-Bullying PSA
Awareness comes by any means and travels by any communication route, the purpose being to get more coverage, to get more people involved and carrying.... Read More

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Marc Jacobs Exits Vuitton, Enters Beauty With Makeup Collection
Rumor has it – again – that Marc Jacobs is going to leave the house of Louis Vuitton. Because we all know that fashion is... Read More

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Cutest, Easiest Summer Temporary Tattoos
Summer is here, so it’s time for a cute, lovely temporary ink. If you will. Sephora has it ready for you, just a stamp away!... Read More

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Marchesa On Your Nails: Revlon Appliques
One of the most sought after catwalks which immediately translates into Red Carpet outfits, Marchesa, teamed up with cosmetics giants Revlon to create a series... Read More

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Beyonce New Lipstick L’Oreal Infallible. Because She’s Worth It!
Beyonce is still on her Mrs Carter tour and while doing so, she’s teaming up with pretty much every major brand for advertising contracts. From... Read More

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Nails Like Zooey Deschanel: Rad Nails Wraps
Everybody’s favorite quirky little lady is a nails fanatic and that makes her even more adorable. Because I’m a self confessed nails obsessed and I... Read More

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The Missing Nail: $12,000 For A Single Fake Nail Worn By Lady Gaga
Last I heard from Lady Gaga she was still recovering after her hip surgery and walked around in absurdly expensive, opulent chairs (try made of... Read More

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