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Organic Beauty Must: Priti Nails Soy Based Nail Lacquer
A save-the-planet beauty kit must be put in place and I’ve got few ideas where to start assembling it! You fashenvironmentalist self will be delighted... Read More

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Julia Roitfeld’s Home, Shoes, Et Caetera
Just the other day we talked about her famous Paris Vogue mom, today it’s Julia Roitfeld’s turn to turn our heads with some style advice.... Read More

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Dior Addict Lip Glow, For Moody Lips
Who bids on mystery anymore? That old fashioned education teaching a girl how to keep a mystery aura whenever, wherever is long gone! For the... Read More

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Giorgio Armani Bronze Mascara
Fighting against natural or fake tanning bad skin habits could be more effective if we had something revolutionary to substitute the harmful UV ways responsible... Read More

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Nails UV Lamps Cause Skin Cancer!
Using artificial nails is not only bad aesthetics but also bad health! The UV lamps for fixing the artificial nails are widely used in beauty... Read More

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Isabella Rossellini Too Old For Lancôme!
Isabella Rossellini’s Lancôme contract ended abruptly in 1995. Why? Because Isabella was considered too old to model for Lancôme! At the time, Isabella Rossellini was... Read More

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Lancôme Juicy Tubes P.U.R.E. For Your Ecoconscious Self
It’s reassuring to see the fashion/cosmetics giants getting their eco vibes on! The legendary Juicy Tubes from Lancôme go P.U.R.E. (Premium Unique Raw Elements). With... Read More

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Chantal Thomass And Nivea Makeup Collection
Going from lingerie to perfume and makeup is not hard to do, it’s all in the seduction game. Chantal Thomass got that and now she’s... Read More

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