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$37,500 Gucci Yellow Crocodile Hysteria Bag
Why not? Crocodiles are hard to catch, everybody knows that! Fetching one, removing all the skin, nasty job! Someone has to pay a fair price,... Read More

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Marc Jacobs Reveals Another Victoria Beckham Ad Print
I looked and looked at these two new releases from the oh-so-fabulous advertising campaign for Marc Jacobs and still don’t feel my logic sense kicking... Read More

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Kathleen Dustin’s Original Evening Bags Too Daring?
Kathleen Dustin beats Prada’s Trembled Blossoms by far! Working with polimer, taming her artistic visions and an unknown material, Kathleen Dustin has managed some impressive... Read More

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Even from the moment it was presented, the Prada Spring Summer 2008 Campaign literally freaked me out. The Trembled Blossoms animation film is an offense... Read More

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Oh, that Monogramouflage!
And it’s officially out! The new Monogramouflage from Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami looks like this. Have to say I’d expected something little less on... Read More

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Would you Pay $260 to Have Footprints on Your Longchamp Handbag?
I remember when I wanted to buy the “Pliage” Longchamp. Then I reconsidered myself because everybody had a Pliage of their own. I’m one of... Read More

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In searching for news about these days controversial Marc Jacobs monogramouflage and hoping to get an idea about it, I found a clip of the... Read More

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Victoria Beckham Latest Scary Ad for Marc Jacobs
She’s no beauty queen, that’s for sure, but Victoria has managed to keep the controversy alive around her little figure over the years. Tastefully dressed... Read More

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