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Versace Clock Tower New York
Versace is going for the billion building on Madison Avenue. The Clock Tower building was bought last year in a $200 million deal and now... Read More

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Nymphenburg Commedia Dell’Arte 2008 Couture Edition
16 fashion designers are dressing up the Commedia Dell’Arte figurines (originally costumed by Franz Anton Bustelli in 1760). The 16 designs issued in a limited... Read More

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Diane Von Furstenberg Amazing Studio Headquarters
The Diane von Furstenberg headquarters from Tribeca is an amazing piece of architectural work. The most impressive thing about it is the rooftop. Join me... Read More

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It’s A Louis Vuitton Dog Affair
That’s about the most insane thing I’ve ever seen! And precisely the reason I decided to show the appalling picture to you too. It’s even... Read More

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Isla Moda, Fashion Isla Bonita Dubai
If one day I’ll hear that they’re building the Moon in Dubai, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit! Later this year, a new project will... Read More

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The Surprising Nylo Hotel From Plano, Texas
Nylo is a new hotels brand. New and refreshingly artsy. I found the pictures, thought they were amazing so I’m presenting them to you, to... Read More

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Meet The Image Fulgurator, Tourists Nightmare
Imagine you’re a tourist. Innocently taking pictures of everything you find worthy and discovering later on, that your pictures aren’t really showing what you first... Read More

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Marketing Goes Incredible With Creative Bus Stops
It’s been a while since waiting the perfect moment to show you these bus stops. I was saving it for a special occasion. That didn’t... Read More

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