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Sacred Virgin Mary Dressed In Louis Vuitton
The cliché is obvious: the Devil wears Prada. Now the Virgin Mary wears Louis Vuitton. It’s not meant to be blasphemous, far from it, actually!... Read More

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The New Sofa Style The Cushionized Sofa
If you’ve been around the Internet lately and haven’t found the new viral Ikea catalog that’s just been released, chances are you’ll be more reluctant... Read More

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Missoni Fall Winter 2010 2011 Ad Campaign Video
With a little will and drive, anything normal and sweet can become trendy, fancy, artsy and schmancy! Take this new video ad campaign for Missoni... Read More

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More Amazing Tattoos
As the days go by, my eyes feel the unique pleasure of seeing some pretty outstanding ink works. It’s almost sartorial, since you can always... Read More

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Kyle Bean’s Selfridges Windows
I’m generally one who likes to keep a positive attitude and memory about everything and anything. Thus, the Selfridges window which honored in no moral... Read More

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More Wedding Dress Inspiration Movies Wedding Dresses
I’m on a wedding – anything spree. It’s beyond the usual bridal season fever, I have to admit. My wedding fever, right now, (blushing) is... Read More

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Radiance By Britney Spears, The New Perfume
Britney Spears. Such a media magnet for scandal and other unclear unfinished business. Britney grew up in front of us, right under our nose, so... Read More

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Couture Furniture. Biensur!
From all things bourgeois and dandy, I’d like you to take a look at some fine furniture today! It’s totally worth the gaze! Sarah Louise... Read More

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