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Sung Yeonju Food Couture. Gaga’s Meat Dress Is So Yesterday!
With the risk of creating a displeasing image, you all need to focus on a past appearance of Lady Gaga’s when she was wearing a... Read More

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Designer Bags For Alfa Romeo Cars
Alfa Romeo, the prestigious Italian car brand found a special way to celebrate their centenary: by commissioning the Central Saint Martin’s College Of Art and... Read More

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Clothespin Installation For H & M By Normal
I’ve always been amazed by twisting the normal, ordinary thing into something out of the ordinary, surprising and undoubtedly beautiful (if not by appearance than... Read More

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Melissa Zaha Hadid Giant Shoes From German Museum
A reputed architect like Zaha Hadid only does extraordinary things. Her collaboration with Melissa shoes a while back spawned a pretty remarkable shoe, a strange... Read More

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Pharrell Williams’ Home
How does your dream home look like? Two days now I keep daydreaming about a sofa that’s as “cheap” as a car so it comes... Read More

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Versace Bubble Sofa For Your Fashionable Home
How long does it take for you to find the perfect home interior item once you put your mind to it? I admit it takes... Read More

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Kate Moss Gloucestershire Home
This is Juergen Teller’s work you’ll be seeing below, so don’t expect more than a point and shoot – like pictorial, immersed in the too... Read More

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Miranda Kerr’s $1,4 Million Apartment
Miranda Kerr’s NY apartment is currently for sale, but it doesn’t hurt seeing and knowing how a supermodel lives, does it? Miranda Kerr‘s place is... Read More

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