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Clever Coat Hangers Chair
Did you know that one of the easiest way to declutter your wardrobe is to change your clothes’ hangers? Yes, as simple as that, like... Read More

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Yves Saint Laurent Coloring Book. Mais Biensur!
It’s your little one at the coloring age? You know what a true fashionista would do? Nooo, letting her / him doodle allover your fashion... Read More

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Beautiful Colored Home. A Different Perspective
A new week that’s about to start can always be subject to a slow/er debut. But not if I can help! With the new Tumblr... Read More

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The Inside Out Style
Remember we talked about how fashion is bringing the underwear at the rank of garment in its own right or, by the powers of layering,... Read More

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Louis Vuitton Animals By Billie Achilleos
Oh, the Louis Vuitton people! sigh! I wish it would be easier to snug them! I wish I wouldn’t be so touched and impressed by... Read More

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New Gardening Tips: The Family Tree
You may remember a clever ad we talked about not long ago. The wisdom proffered within guided you to a more serene, hopefully happier life.... Read More

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Vintage Style Salvador Dali & Walt Disney Destino Animation
Though I could have easily sworn it had something to do with Prada (remember Linda Evangelista’s ad campaigns for the couture label?), these is the... Read More

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Franca Sozzani’s Home
Actually I could only get my hands on two images from Franca Sozzani’s home and I admit, I envy the marveled photographer who had the... Read More

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