Happy New Year 2016!

Winter finally found its way to us and the first snow is slowly covering everything with an immaculate white cover. All the mud, all the misery, all the blood and the debris, everything gets snowed in, away from sight. Not away from mind.

As snow decided to show up late at the annual party, so did I, fashionably ^_^. I will start 2016 by wishing you a wonderful, happy, peaceful new year and then I’ll round up stories I haven’t got around to publish this past month. Just like snow failed to show up for Christmas. Ha! Take that snow!

happy new year 2016

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The Hottest Nail Polish: Chanel Vamp/Rouge Noir Lacquer & Affordable Alternatives!

From Dior to Chanel and Marc Jacobs – every major fashion house wants a piece of the nails industry. Because – didn’t they say it on repeat? – nail art is dead. Long live the new posh nail art!

Luxury can bury a trend and then make it rise from its own ashes with a golden cap. So even though they tried hard and long to make us all ignore all things nail art, all major players in the fashion/beauty business eventually realized that it’s easier to go with the flow than to stand against the storm. They ended up releasing gorgeous nail polishes everyone wants to have and to wear! Almost every season, there’s a particular Chanel nail lacquer flying off the shelves because… well you need it.

the new nail polish color to have

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Ikea Hack: Handwritten DIY Custom Curtains In 30 Minutes!

Everyone who knows me, knows a capital thing about me: I can’t live without hacking – a dress into a skirt, a skirt into a dress, a tshirt into a bag, and so on and so forth.

My Home is filled with more or less artistic craft projects, things we care deeply about and have huge sentimental value to us. Pictures of our children or love letters penned on posters hanging on our white walls. This new DIY project is no different: an Ikea Hack of their white Teresia curtains into a pair of shabby ‘French curtains’ with a brush and black acrylic paint. If you feel reluctant to this, don’t! The point of ‘shabby’ is imperfection, so scroll down and dare to personalize your curtains! It’s so easy, you won’t believe it!

how to french curtains ikea hack curtains

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Victoria’s Secret 2015 Fashion Show: The Images, The Rumors, The Controversy

Another year, another Victoria’s Secret event taping happened last night for what will air on December 8th as the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: it’s just amazing how time flies and how brilliant marketing policies place this particular show in the year’s (commercially speaking)

Months of preparations, weeks of starvation, days of excitement, hours of post-processing will undoubtedly produce yet a magnificent show for television! Feathers and lace, sequins and glitter, how much of the legendary Victoria’s Secret shows designs are model-friendly, customer-friendly and how much is just smoke in tv mirrors? Let’s scroll down and find out!

Victorias Secret 2015 fashion show models runway

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4 Black Magic Sweaters To Warm Up This Season!

I’ve had my pink years and my purple years, now, as my minimalist fashion sense is controlling me, black and grey are definitely my wardrobe palette de coeur. Getting less colorful in my looks has left me with a lot of freedom when it comes to accessorizing. I love bold earrings, in funky colors. I love fancy belts and happy scarves, I love fancy nail art and unruly hairdos.

But I like my clothes on the monochromic side. So when I’m not wearing grey or a variation of greige, I’m definitely wearing black. From head to toes if I can, yes. If I wasn’t so clumsy to spill anything and everything on me, wearing black could’ve helped me be more wash-conscious!

black sweaters you need

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5 Black Magic Sneakers You Need In Your Life!

A short, yet powerful love story for black sneakers took my heart by storm. Each time I make a fixation for a ‘fashion’ item, I search and search until I find the exact rendition of my dreams and then I stop and stare in complete and utter admiration until my admiration slowly fades into a need. To own and wear.

Today I’d like you to join me in staring. Perhaps get more ideas from you? Although this one is about night-black sneakers (Halloween oblige), I do confess I have just as strong obsession for grey and beige sneakers. However, should you search for these colors, you’ll easily notice they’re very rare. Especially the ones I wish for: solid grey or solid beige ones with no visible logo and matching soles (all grey, all beige respectively).

black sneakers

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Confessions Of A Fashion Pretender

Should I send a message to my younger self, it would be: ‘Stop pretending! Live for and with yourself! Each and every day!’. My days of uncertainty agony have passed. My years of pathologic doubt are behind me. I only live for myself now. Finally!

That is not to say that I live alone! Au contraire! I’m happily married to the love of my life, we raise four madly restless, amazing children together and our suburban life includes a beautiful, loving, joyful dog always running on our wild green lawn, a parrot we found in our front yard a year ago and his lovely parrot girlfriend bought less than a month ago. I could go on, but I promised myself this one would be about fashion. Sort of…

fashion life quote

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Makeup & More Revealing Stories!

As we approach Halloween, the entire world is getting ready for a drastic (borderline creepy) makeover. Preparations and expectations for a night’s worth of adrenaline and showing off – makes sense, right?

Starting off this late October Monday with a round-up of the Internet’s most revealing stories you should or could read while sipping a cup of coffee (pumpkin spiced latte yum! <3 ) or a nice hot tea, snuggling in your favorite sweater and comfy boots or hot slippers! Let’s go:
Beyonce dressed up as XMen’s Storm for Ciara’s Birthday Party. Quite becoming as the birthday girl slipped in Cat Woman’s shiny suit for the night at her Batman/Boyfriend’s arm!

superheroes halloween costumes beyonce as storm ciara cat woman

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