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Katie Holmes Uncovered inStyle

Not long ago, we wrote about Katie Holmes, the Perfect Princess living a not-so-perfect-life. And probably because women do know (the other) women better, here’s our favorite Katie Princess on the cover of InStyle Magazine. And further on, uncovered in the pages of InStyle, we find her interview saying pretty much what we told you in our first post:

“[He] likes me in a suit and a mini every now and then. I like it when he likes it. It makes me blush. He’ll say, ‘You look good. I hope security’s going with you.’ Now that gives me attitude.”

Katie Holmes InStyle cover January 2008

It’s breathtakingly romantic, is it not?! Like she would apologize for all those times Tom can’t be with her. Like she would want us to know that even so (invisible), her magnificent husband is signing and approving her every move. Well, with a husband like that, heck, even I’ll go out by myself! On the cover of the January 2008 magazine, she’s wearing a Dior by John Galliano suit. Is that outfit signed and authorized by Tom himself, we wonder?

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Suri Cruise in The Park

Of course, we’re so consumed by her absence from the big screen and we’re worried, but Katie Holmes herself calms us down:

“I’m living my ideal role. I love being a mom and a wife. In terms of my career, I’d love to do a period piece.”

Hm, just between us, girls, wouldn’t we love playing …let’s say..mmm… the next James Bond girl? Wouldn’t it be OUR ideal role (well, for 10 seconds, maybe)? It’s just perfect! Katie Holmes is becoming aristocratic – she’d love to do a period piece. Just like in those Prince Perfect dreams of hers (except she’s stuck up with the ogre).

Katie Holmes wedding picture

Don’t leave the Prince Perfect scene! Just imagine that he became the ogre the very night after the ceremony. And that is why our sweet Katie Holmes gives us the Best Moment of her life:

“Walking down the aisle. I always wanted to be married, and it was suddenly happening. I don’t know if I breathed.”

That 18th November 2006, the last day of her life as an innocent young woman, the first day of her living-in-her-dream-life. Don’t breathe, Katie, you’ll be poisoned!

Katie Holmes picture

Every once in a while, Katie’s sincere: (this time it’s about her turning 30)

“New chapter. I am a bit wiser now. I feel I really lived my 20s, and I’m happy about that.”

We’re happy that you lived you 20s too, Katie, but what about that wonderful rest of your life? You’re not gonna stay in this mess forever, tell us at least that!

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise

O, Hail the Almighty Sultan: (about Tom Cruise, Airplane Pilot)

“Trust. I don’t give it a thought. He knows what he’s doing. When he decides to do something, he does it. It’s great. [She giggles.] It’s hot.”

Damn, girl! If you would have told us that man of yours was associated with love and carrying and what ever could be more romantic in your sweet head and innocent heart, we would have believed you the very instant! But trust? We’re not born yesterday and we have our share of happiness! And trust doesn’t make it more than (let’s say) a best friend (if you stick with just that one word). Hmmm

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Victoria Beckham

Imagine this very feminine young woman convincing you of her hobbies:

“Football—the Redskins. And soccer. I like watching sports. I shoot basketball with the kids. I’m a good rebounder.”

Ain’t that just perfect? Perfectly fit for her new found best friend-posh-spicy-skinny-always-moody-Victoria Beckham? Perfect husband, perfect trusty relationship, perfect friends.

Katie Holmes running NY Marathon

And still what’s wrong with Katie Holmes running the New York City Marathon in November? Like a penitence for her one-year marriage? (oh, sorry, maybe scientologists don’t have physical penitence.. when a scientologist does something wrong, he just gives more money to scientology-whatever-of-theirs and he’ll have instant forgiveness). Just look at her face! You’d even think that she’s happy! Running by herself, in the crowd, listening to:

“Kanye’s new album, Rihanna, Keyshia Cole.”

Revolutionary, ain’t it? We’ve never been huge fans of Kanye West, but there is something we hear a lot in his music: that you can’t break this man down! Rihanna, the “good girl gone bad”? is there a secret message she’s transmitting us there? Hmm.. let’s just stop here and let you have your say: Do you really think Katie’s happy?

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