The New Fashion Books: 501 Jeans And Bikers Leather

There are fashion books and then there are fashion books. Which do you like most? No, haven’t omitted anything in the phrase above: from one point on, all fashion books look the same. Just like all fashion magazines look the same. What sets them apart? Us. Our personal preferences and moods.

As such, I found two very interesting projects turned into books for our visual festin, seasoned with heavy fashion hearts, style seeds and a nice reality dressing. I’m sure there are many more out there, at least one for every taste and dressy conviction, but this selection is just as unique as you. Or me. And we just love one-of-a-kind fabulous finds, don’t we?

Urban, modern fashion with bikers and classic jeans. Who wouldn’t feel enriched by this visual experience?

new fashion books jeans leather

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Uma Thurman’s Comeback Campari Cocktail

It’s a comeback day: our favorite Bride is slowly but steadily getting back in the fashion game, one sip at the time. She has been shooting for the renowned Campari calendar with Koto Bolofo and the behind the scenes teasers are just as intriguing as they are pleasant. More so, since the theme of next year’s calendar is pretty interesting: ‘Worldwide Celebrations’ and a rumored participation from one of the world’s most interesting and talented actors, Benicio del Toro!

It’s always good to see Uma Thurman, in print or on the big screen. But while I may be rejoicing her comeback, there’s also a very important mention to keep in mind: Campari calendars, besides casting the famous&the beautiful (Penelope Cruz was the star of the 2013 Campari Calendar while for 2012 we had the pleasure of admiring the always-futuristic Milla Jovovich) are also renowned for heavily retouching the celebrities/models posing in their pages.

Uma Thurman Campari Calendar 2014

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2 Vogue Covers Confirm: Daria Werbowy Is Officially Back!

Well, hello there! look who’s back in fashion: Daria Werbowy! And she’s not shy about it either, claiming her reigning crown with not one but two Vogue covers and an ad campaign styled by Carine Roitfeld for Diane von Furstenberg, shot by Sebastian Faena.

I already said something about Daria’s Vogue Paris August 2013 issue cover, it’s time to talk about her inside pictorial as well. Except I’ll be brief about it as it’s not on my alley. Photographed by David Sims and styled by Emmanuelle Alt, Daria looks uncomfortable and uneasy, like a wet cat in a screen test for headbands. I’m not hyped about fall temperatures and the inevitable moisture and frizz, cold humid wind and muddy gardens, but for a pre-fall issue of a magazine as prestigious as Vogue Paris, this is a rather disappointing visual experience.

Daria Werbowy 2013 comeback covers

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Fall Fashion Top 5 Trends: Grunge To Glam Anja Rubik, Vogue Paris

It’s been a while since we last talked about Anja Rubik, hasn’t it? Well, I talked about Gemma Ward, about Diane Kruger, so let’s see what another one of my favorite models has been up to lately.

As Emmanuelle Alt got us used to, her Vogue Paris issues pages usually belong to the same familiar faces. For August, Daria Werbowy takes the cover but Anja Rubik has the most interesting pictorial in my perspective. Practical and spectacular fashion rolled into the same photo session – what’s not to like?

also: this may very well be considered Vogue Paris’s way of paying a modest tribute to the notable baby event rocking the British Royal House this moment as almost every pictorial (including the cover) alludes to UK’s Royal Baby joy (don’t stop here, hit the jump to see the outfits!)

Fall fashion main trends lace and leather grunge to glam

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Cara Delevingne Future Plans: From H&M To Hollywood?

A while back, our ever present paparazzi released a disturbing image of fashion’s sweetheart of the moment, Cara Delevingne, dropping a wee plastic sachet containing a small amount of white powder… Fashion is no stranger to the powder-scandals (Kate Moss knows better) but the audience’s sensitivity to this matter is so acute that H&M decided to drop Cara from all her contractual engagements with the Swedish Fashion retailer.

Pretty much the same scenario was applied to Kate Moss back in her crack days when she took some time off to swipe off her ‘dusted’ image. Luckily, she had some pretty influential and loyal friends (McQueen was one of them but also Rimmel kept her under contract, waiting for cleaner days) and she got back stronger than ever. Will that happen to Cara? Or….

Cara’s plan B will work better for her? Rumors about a possible movie role in which she was cast started surfacing the last couple of days. And what role might Cara be playing? a young, troubled, party crashing Londoner. Sounds made to measure, huh? If this proves to be true, then we’ll all know that the road to Hollywood is paved with white powder!

Cara Delevingne white powder incident gets her movie role

Barbie Fall Wardrobe Designer Update

Girls do love their dolls, don’t they? So it would be slightly unfair to only preoccupy ourselves with our fall wardrobe and ignore our dolls friends’s closet. More fashionable, the better!

So who’s dressing Barbie this fall? Design luminaries from the uber trendsetting London such as Fred Butler, Nasir Mazhar and Sister by Sibling. The special designs will be exhibited and sold through Selfridges where an entire department will be dedicated to Barbie and her fashion throughout the years and styles. But our beloved doll is a complete fashionista and she likes to keep an open wardrobe so the much-loved American label Coach is making its best to fit into her brand-full closet.

Barbie 2013 designer wardrobe

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Top 3 Hollywood Fashion Trends Of The Moment

…you’re to decide if you’ll follow them or not, but this is a brief breakdown of the most important style proposals from our beloved celebrities!

{1} Unusual jewelry : we’ve seen it before and we know it’s working. Strange looking jewelry will always appeal to the daring fashion followers out there (especially when the effervescent Ke$ha is behind a strange looking jewelry collection called Ke$ha Rose by Charles Albert with shapes like teeth, shark tooth, certain parts of the human body modeled into rings, earrings and such and more pieces looking less extraordinary that you can see for yourself at kesharosebycharlesalbertdotcom)

Kesha Rose unusual jewelry by Charles Albert

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The Bridge’s Diane Kruger’s $10,000 Chanel Bag, Drinking Stories And More

TV is the new black. If you have any doubts about that, just think ‘Homeland’ ‘Modern Family‘, ‘Breaking Bad’ or more recently ‘Ray Donovan’, ‘The Bridge’ and all the dazzling teasers of this fall’s series.

The Bridge is the talk of the day. While we used to have an iconic TV series every two years or so (HBO used to be leading the iconic pack), nowadays an iconic series every month or so is to be expected. I have watched several episodes from The Bridge and still didn’t decide if this will be my next must watch show. Should it ever become so, Diane Kruger is to blame.

Her trendsetting value, her selfmade fashionista principles and style convictions made a Kruger believer out of me! The images below will only showcase a handful of instances from Diane Kruger’s on and off the spotlight’s magic eye, feel free to become a Krugliever yourself and scoop deeper!

The Bridge Diane Kruger casual professional style

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