3 Major Fashion Social Media Accounts You Need To Follow!

If you already have a social media account – two, three – you know what I’m talking about when I say that moderation is advised for a healthy handling of the social situation. And just before you got into new social grounds, a quick, shameless reminder of your must-follow fashion accounts: Stylefrizz on Instagram, Stylefrizz on Pinterest and Stylefrizz on Facebook.

Now: how can we ever keep it at a sane level when Anna Wintour has taken to Instagram to show her support for Vogue’s September issue? – are the sales so low that the grand Wintour had to lend a supporting hand? Isn’t Jennifer Lawrence Hollywood aura not enough to make a bestseller out of this September 2013 issue? You see, a lot of question sparkle from just a simple photo! Like my Adored Husband says: ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ or questions in our case…

Either way, this was published on Vogue Magazine’s Instagram account in a challenge-sort-of-initiative to get everyone showing how they read their Vogue’s #TheSeptemberIssue…

Must Follow Instagram Twitter this week

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Short Fall Fashion Guide With 6 Vogue September 2013 Issues

With the Fashion Week less than a month away, Vogue September issues should be the quintessential teasers to put us in the mood for fall. I thought that instead of treating them one by one, we could enjoy a larger perspective and gather 6 Vogue international editions with their respective September issues for a comprehensive appreciation of fall novelties in Vogue’s head.

From Vogue Paris in Grunge and Vogue US in Hollywood, the September Issues are not too clear on what cap is our fall fashion’s boat taking. Surely, we do appreciate Emmanuelle Alt’s edgy take on Saskia de Brauw and we love Jennifer Lawrence to pieces, even despite her dull Vogue US pictorial, but where should we look for real fall fashion inspiration?

Vogue Netherlands September 2013 takes tanned beauty Doutzen Kroes out in a seemingly wild&unfriendly nature, Vogue Spain September 2013 keeps Doutzen Kroes inside the studio, betting it all on her gorgeous body, summer glow and dark clothes, Vogue Australia September 2013 highlights Victoria Beckham and her fashion secrets and (my favorite) Vogue Russia September 2013 redlights Sasha Pivovarova and her fringed wig. What to choose? What to wear?

2013 fall fashion in Vogue September issues

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Easiest 5 DIY T-Shirt Restyles You Must Try!

… at which point you might very well be asking yourselves ‘why must I try that?’. I’ll give you just two reasons but very solid: because {one}: you surely have one or two tshirts just lying around in the darkness of your wardrobe for months and {two}: creativity&diy are such amazing motors for a happy life! If you’re not convinced but curious nevertheless, scroll down, you’ll see some DIY Tshirts you might want to try anyway! Because they’re fun, easy to do, gorgeous and…did I say fun already? Yeah, so let’s get to it!

{1} DIY Bleach T-shirt: this one is particularly fun because there are endless possibilities and it’s practically the easiest way to fancy up a tshirt without the extra $$$, restyle an old tee or just make it more ‘you’. From the tons of tutorials and ways to bleach a tee, I chose this DIY bleach bride t-shirt because it was made for a wonderful occasion (a wedding, duh!) and also because it’s so simple and incredibly catchy! (if this tutorial from SomethingTurquoise isn’t on your diy alley, hit the jump, there are 4 more you can choose to try!)

Simple DIY bleach pen T Shirt

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3 Most Important Beauty Case Fall Updates

While doing the fall beauty advertising story, I realized I felt the need to mark my fall calendar with significant beauty launches dates as I really wanted to try some of the new goodies they’ll be releasing this fall!

{1}Deborah Lippmann Sephora Nail Polish Collection. First, as you might expect, is the amazing new collection from Deborah Lippmann for Sephora! I was crossing my fingers for something like this to happen since OPI and Sephora parted ways earlier this year. There’s no telling what led to the breakout and as always no further details were released to the public, but even though I was a loyal OPI fan for so long, Deborah Lippmann (and Butter London) caught my attention recently and I was determined to try them out.

As such, scaling down the prices for Deborah Lippmann’s lovely polishes with a Sephora line is more than good news! So when’s the important day? September 5th! That’s when it launches. The prices? $17 for the polish and $19 for the glitter (treatments, tools and a gel kit are also available in this collection)

Fall Beauty Must Deborah Lippmann Sephora nail polish collection

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5 Ways To Wear The Year’s Most Important Trend: The Fishtail Braid

Last year it was the year of the gradient – from ombre nails to ombre cakes, we had a gradient touch for pretty much everything. This year, however, is definitely the year of the fishtail braid! I only picked up 5 examples to convince you that sooner you adopt the fishtail braid habits into your style, the better, fashionable you’ll be!

{1}The Fishtail Braid Hairdo: almost every one of our beloved famous ladies who walked the Red Carpet this year had a fishtail brad. On the side, on the back, the long or the short version, everybody has to wear a fishtail braided do at one point! (hit the jump to see the other 4!)

2013 most important trend Fishtail Braid

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Bugatti For Elysium, Bentley For Bags: How To Choose Your New Bag!

While there was much bragging about Elysium’s fashion choices (namely the perfectly shaped Armani suits Jodie Foster’s character was wearing 24/7), less was said about the movie’s other visual branding. One of which, Bugatti, was particularly spotlighted during this summer’s most expected sci-fi blockbuster.

Should you have seen the movie and not felt particularly interested in Elysium’s technological crumbs, you still might remember the famous getaway shuttle used by Mr Carlyle. The red and black design is particularly flashy and, although assorted to Armadyne’s visual signatures (a similar red-black combo is also used for the droids), the Elysian Fulgar Shuttle is an emblematic vision of the movie. Both a spectacular transport vehicle and a fashion statement, Armadyne’s design is actually based on a Bugatti Veyron. Stunning machinery.

But wait, there’s more in our news bag today! Bugatti may have made it onto the big screen in a spectacular appearance, but Bentley has announced its foray into handbags while a Hong Kong-based loan company is using luxury handbags as collateral on loans. (got your attention already? Click through, we have loads to talk about!)

Bugatti Elysium Shuttle vs Bugatti Veyron

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Pixie Hair Comeback: 6 Inspiring Famous Short Haircuts

When it comes to haircuts, I’m a pretty classic girl and I like my wavy, frizzy hair more on the long side. But short haircuts seem to be making a comeback this year as more and more famous ladies chop off their long locks in favor of a more or less radically short pixie cut.

The ‘pixie cut’ became a fashionable haircut statement ever since the 50s when Audrey Hepburn’s really short hair made all the hair rage after her Roman Holiday movie. Mia Farrow is one of the original pixie girls and an entire plethora of famous beautiful ladies followed suit along the years among which Twiggy, Jean Shimpton, Kate Moss or more recently Natalie Portman or Emma Watson. The short haircut fashion keeps coming back, it’s up to us whether we choose to follow it or not.

The latest adepts of the pixie cuts are: Beyonce and Coco Rocha. However, I also threw two more in the mix, for inspirations reasons – Miley Cyrus and Robin Wright.

Pixie Haircut Comeback Beyonce Coco Rocha

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3 Successful Actresses Leading Fall’s Beauty Ad Campaigns

While still under the menacing ‘last season’s trend’, nail art is slowly but steadily passing in last when it comes to this fall’s beauty ad campaigns. Cosmetics giants are putting all their money where the stars are so that we, completely blinded by their shine and fame, we’d just ravage the beauty counters in search for whatever they’re selling. Because we need that. We need whatever they’re selling for the promise of eternal beauty and fame, supreme recognition and adoration.

Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman and Diane Kruger were all contracted as spokespersons for three different brands in their respective beauty ad campaigns. Cate Blanchett is famously representing Giorgio Armani’s SI perfume ad campaign, a job that earned her a $10 Million paycheck. (there’s more under the cut, don’t miss the video after the jump!)

most important fall beauty ad campaigns

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