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Rolling Stone Covers Lady GaGa In June 2009

I remember the good ol’times of Britney Spears and dancing in the classroom or Xtina’s Genie in the Bottle ways… How time flies! The new pop generation is represented by pantless queen Lady GaGa.

Working her shocking status with every magazine picture she can get, 23-years old Lady GaGa covers Rolling Stone magazine wearing as little as a transparent plastic gear for the June 2009 issue. If she wanted the world’s attention, she really got it! (the story continues right after the jump with a backstage video from the photo shoot!)

Lady GaGa Rolling Stone Magazine June 2009

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H&M Fashion Against Aids 2009 Dita, Katy, Roisin, NERD, Estelle

The second H&M collection “Fashion Against Aids” is set to hit stores on May 28th. Once more, most talented and famous fighters against AIDS designed t-shirts for the cause.

Dita von Teese, Katy Perry, Roisin Murphy, NERD, Cindy Lauper, Estelle, Yoko Ono, Dangerous Muse, Tokyo Hotel, Yelle, Katharine Hamnett, all got their personal design skills at work for H&M anti AIDS campaign. (the story continues right after the jump with more pictures!)

Fashion against AIDS H and M

Fashion against AIDS HM

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Segway Is Chic – The Chanel Segway!

Der Kaiser thinks Segway is chic! So chic, he decided to make a Chanel one! It’s maybe his way to say that even he’s using a Hummer, he wishes we use a Segway!

Now let me explain what a Segway is: it’s the adult, lazy version of the good’ol tricycle, a kind of Moto-Tricycle for those who aren’t yet sure they want to leave the childhood playground but they really want a motorcycle (ah, and they’re eco-friendly because the Segway runs on battery!). (the story continues right after the jump!)

Black Chanel Segway

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Dare To Wear PET Jewelry By Gulnur Ozdaglar?

In order to get used to the ecoattitude, I’ll look for (and keep you posted with) more and surprising ways to help the environment and make our fashionable yet so healthy contribution.

This time it’s about jewelry. Surprising, ethereal, daring, these stunning pieces are made from used PET bottles! You know the kind – the nuisance plastic bottles you find everywhere.

Only this time they’re so cleverly manoeuvered and transformed to reintegrate our lives I’d really think twice before throwing yet another PET. (more images after the jump)

Pet Jewelry Gulnur Ozdaglar necklace

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What (Else) To Do With Puma Sneakers?

Eco consciousness is the trendiest attitude around! Don’t let anyone tell you different! If there’s any doubt on that one, just think about those terrific boots made from recycled plastic bags!

Entering the recycling reflex – a very interesting contest initiated by Remade (in Chile) took place in November and targeted design students who were demanded to create products using Puma trainers.

Puma trainers reused Remade contest Chile 1

The contest’s results were exhibited from November 37 until December 4 so everyone could have the chance to see there’s life after sneakers. The first prize was awarded to a lamp made of reclaimed Puma sample trainers, the second prize went to a corseted dress, my favorite was the third prize with bugs made from trainers. (more after the jump)

Puma trainers reused Remade contest Chile 5

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P. Diddy If I Were King – Sean John Documentary

That’s like the tip of the iceberg for celeb designers. Having your own clothing line it’s the first step. That’s what you get when you’re Rachel Bilson or similarly famous. But when you’re already on top, where can you have your designer madness come true?

On the catwalk. You actually become a designer. You can actually have your own fashion house. He is, undoubtedly, one smart business man, he can keep the dead alive (his success was mostly based on his friend Notorious Big dead and reediting his work after dead) but can he really make fashion? Or is he just selling attitude under a big signature?

My road to becoming a designer started when I was around the age of 6-7 years old. (…) The collection is a story of a king. The older king is sick and he passes. And you have this young prince that is not really ready to be king. And we get into the story of the young king and all of the changes that a young king will have to go through. The pressure of the world is put on him. Now he has to be king.

Here you have part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


Vivienne Westwood Opus Artistic Portraits

Posing for Vivienne Westwood is an honor, it seems. Her book of portraits involved more than 50 friends and family members.

The curious thing about the book, however, it the fact that it was shot with the world’s largest Polaroid camera so the pictures end up measuring 50cm by 60cm!

Vivienne Westwood Opus Covers
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Top 5 Party Dresses

It’s the season to party, it’s the spotlight moment. This week, I have a selection of 5 party dresses to wear like a queen and snatch everybody’s hearts. It’s all about attitude, remember!

The top 5 of party dresses is eclectic enough to meet all kind of tastes and occasions, it’s joyful and versatile so don’t hesitate to feel inspired!

On the fifth place, we have the Mint Jodi Arnold Ruffled Dress ($484) a light silk dress with patchwork ruffle detail and empire waist.

Mint Jodi Arnold Ruffled Dress Moondisk Tank Dress Matthew Williamson Thakoon Layered Slip Dress
Carmen Marc Valvo The Dot Print Gown Jay Godfrey Metallic Dolman Dress

On the fourth place it’s the Moondisk Tank Dress form Matthew Williamson ($1.366) with a floral print and a metallic paillette hem.

On the third place it’s a Thakoon Layered Slip Dress ($1.220), light, breezy but completely eye-catching with her printed satin straight shape.

On the second place it’s a gorgeous gown from Carmen Marc Valvo Couture – the Dot Print Gown ($2.970) with a black metallic top, a stylish tie waist with silk satin and the royal floor length to rule the night.

The first place is taken by Jay Godfrey’s Metallic Dolman Dress ($ 396) with a unique shape – ruched skirt, large three-quarter sleeves, bateau neckline and the liberty to undress a shoulder in a very catchy attitude.