Daisy Lowe Plays Bonnie&Clyde For Lancaster Bags Ad Campaign

Talking about Daisy Lowe: just when I thought she was under the fashion radar, there she goes, in the Fall 2013 ad campaign of the French bags company Lancaster. She’s playing the Bonnie to an American Clyde (Donny Lewis) for the stylish, slightly retro images shot by Guy Aroch.

There’s no chemistry, no engagement between the stars of the campaign and I wouldn’t have known there was a Bonnie&Clyde theme unless I read it beforehand in the press release. But I guess it’s all for the rejuvenating of the targeted customers and that’s where Daisy Lowe’s appeal kicks in, unpardonably pouty and perpetually unsatisfied.

Lancaster Fall 2013 ad campaign Daisy Lowe

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How To Get Kate Moss Perfect Festival Look In 5 Easy Steps!

Brace yourselves ladies, this may just be the Kate Moss day! I just came across a topic of interest for my inner summer festival fan so I didn’t think twice about bringing to you as well. Because, you know, it’s summer, it’s festival time, and Kate Rock’n’Roll Moss is our ever fashionable festival goer icon. Before all the Alexa Chungs and the Daisy Lowes of the world, there was Kate Moss. So here’s her 5 commandments for a perfectly fashionable summer festival look:

{1} Distressed jeans cutoffs – I did an entire story on how to choose the right Daisy Dukes look yesterday, so head on here to choose your type! now hit the jump to find out four more style guides from Kate Moss!

Kate Moss summer festival style

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Kate Moss Turns Back Time In New Versace Ad Campaign

I was just carelessly browsing away the fashion pages until I came across a visually stunning image of Kate Moss advertising for Versace’s Fall 2013 campaign. Wearing just a couple of colorful quilted bags from the said fashion house, Kate Moss seems to have found the secret to eternal youth.

Then again, she’s posing for Donatella Versace’s house. If Kate doesn’t look the part, there’s always the proper Photoshop tool and the good ol’ smoothing filter to cut back a couple of years. That aside, the punk approach of the campaign hints back at the glory days of the Medusa maison, with neon colors and daring, edgy cuts. Saskia de Brauw is also part of the advertising, except she’s fully clothed and posing punk-ily for the camera.

Versace fall 2013 ad campaign

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The Gamer’s Dream Outfit

Any gamer-ladies out there? I’m bringing this to you because the new generation of Xbox consoles has just been launched and set free (a particularly demanding feature within the Xbox had everyone worried and protesting until Microsoft decided to cut its users free and enable them to use the new Xbox, the Xbox One just like we all used the Xbox 360, the previous generation of consoles from Microsoft. This move triggered Sony to release their PlayStation 4 users of the same restraint. Every gamer in the world is celebrating right now!)

So: the Gamer’s Suit, huh? ARAIG by its name, this new and totally revolutionary product addresses every passionate gameplaying individual out there who wants to live the gaming experience at a really personal level. Think of it as the perfectly tailored Tom Ford suit for gamers! We all know about all types of interactive peripherals enhancing the game experience (the responsive chairs and driving wheels for racing games, for instance) but this is really another story altogether! ARAIG could definitely change the way we feel our games, the way every move impacts on the gamer. Talking about the next Virtual Reality generation!

There’s a complete description in the video after the jump (and on the ARAIG’s makers website, kickstarteddotcom , the ARAIG project), so if you’re really interested in this gamers dream come true, hit the jump and press play. I know our boys would be over their heads with excitement…

perfect outfit for a gamer

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This May Be The Perfect Summer Hat!

How do you deal with the summer heat, my dahlings? In our proud Frizz-attitude (which, need I remind you? is Rural and Proud), we’re trying to keep as natural as possible and among our summer-remedies I can proudly cite the benefits of coconut oil (for its natural UV protective qualities and moisturizing superlatives) or tea tree oil (for its natural anti-insects repellent virtues and disinfectant multiple usages).

And I would love to enlist this particularly ingenious wooden hat concept among those natural helpers against the overwhelming heat. What? what’s wrong with a regular hat? Have you really tried wearing a hat during the hot summer days? It will make your head boil underneath it!

innovative design wood hat

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9 Simple Ways To Wear Your Jeans Cutoffs Like The Stars

Have you noticed how, once summer is fully installed, the jeans cutoffs or the jorts immediately become the new black? Everyone wears a pair of daisy dukes, regardless of their physical abilities to really qualify at wearing a pair. And although they seem really versatile and adaptable, the short jeans are just as wearable as the skinny jeans or the leggings. But despair not, there’s a way and a place for every pair of jorts out there, you just need the right ensemble to put them in the right light. And you, while wearing them.

So today I gathered a handful of lovely famous ladies, all wearing a pair of short jeans, to inspire you. Let’s discuss them all and the way you can wear your daisy dukes too! wear your jeans cutoffs like:

{1} The Daisy Dukes Queen: Mariah Carey. She’s 43 and she looks amazing. Also: she has an amazing life with two wonderful kids and a loving husband. Everything seems to be going great for Mariah and this pair of jorts as well! For this type of costume-y jeans shorts you’ll need a pair of fishnet tights, a contrasting bra worn underneath a white shirt two sizes smaller, knotted just below your bra and a dazzlingly high pair of platforms.

celebrities wearing shorts Mariah Carey

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Dare To Wear The Utility Ring?

Come summer, the season of picnics and great outdoors explorations is open and to our delight, we get to do a lot of that with the kids. Among the many things we pack for a quick field trip is a mini Swiss army utility knife, I gift I got when I was a teenager and used it and carried with me ever since. It seems indestructible and it sure doesn’t show its age, having a blade as sharp as it was the very first day it landed in my life.

But this ring right here may just challenge the longevity of the said utility knife! Because you don’t even need to carry it in a pocket, you just put it on your finger and you’re good to go! The Utility Ring seems the best gadget idea ever! Sure, the producer said it was originally intended for men to wear and utilize, but take my word for it, an utility ring is perfect for anyone, beyond gender and many other social standards artificially used to set us apart! Do hit the jump for more details!

revolutionary utility ring

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World’s Hottest Custom Baby Stroller The BatStroller!

What? This may just be my Super day! My Super Day after Hump Day! Don’t you have a Super day? The most awesome stroller crossed my path today! Not literally, biensur, as I’m talking about my Super interwebs day!

A perfect blend between an urban baby stroller and a Batmobile, the Batmobile inspired stroller is just the stroller your super baby needs! Together you will stroll the streets of Gotham… ahem any city and you’ll feel in security and full awesomeness!

Roddlers/kidkustoms created this hybrid, and, like many other hybrids, it was only made for a special few. Bats. Ahem brats.

coolest stroller batmobile stroller kidkustoms

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