Justin Bieber Gets Intimate With iPhone, Advertises For Adidas

A Justin Bieber story that has nothing to do with another one of his tasteless tattoos? Yes, it can happen! Especially since I woke up today to a story about Justin Bieber’s stage antics and then I found another story showing his brilliant advertising for Adidas. Justin Bieber likes to keep the spotlight concentrated on his little persona because – beliebers will tell you so – he’s such a huge entertainer! {yawn!}

First things first: during a concert, the young (he’s 19, by the way!) Bieber asked his audience to refrain from throwing things on stage. His audience complied. Somewhat. Various items started flying in his direction and, while he refused them politely by kicking them away from the stage with the same saying ‘I don’t need this… ‘, he did picked up a phone saying that he doesn’t need ‘another iphone’ and slipped it in his pants. (yep, you’re reading that right, hit the jump to find out what happened next!)

news about Justin Bieber

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5 Fashion Meets Art Installation You Should See

Although Fashion is a form of Art, the financial factor has swept pretty much everything in his path to becoming the master influence of all trends and fashions. As it was to be expected, the artistic factor being of secondary importance, it is usually undermined by the big $$$. Fashion lost a lot of its value as Art and gained more on the stock market.

But in those rare occasions we’re treated with true creativity, with genuine artistic inspiration in fashion but also fashion inspired installation/exhibitions/artistic releases of any kind, it would a true loss not to discuss them and highlight them as they’re worth. Today I’d like us to concentrate on five of those instances some of them dealing with traditional clothing items in a new perspective, some with unconventional material used as fabric.

Origami fashion dresses Morana Kranjec

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3 Important Style Rules From Lindsay Lohan’s Outfit Disaster:

{1} A bright, happy smile doesn’t save the outfit situation! More: we cannot turn and ignore the pure Fashion Disaster that Lindsay Lohan is putting on display upon her release from the Cliffside Malibu Rehab Center two days ago.

Another important lesson we learned from this fashion case:
{2} matching colors may be important, but too much matching can unbalance the general look.

Third and most important lesson:
{3} do not pair transparent under-the-knee socks with cowboy booties and short dress. Actually: do not wear those transparent socks in no combination under no circumstance. At all.

No, it won’t make you look like a hipster but more like a dumpster. Any doubts? Feel free to check out Miss Lindsay Lohan here and feel how strong the Fashion Disaster case is! (spotted on jj)

Lindsay Lohan fashion disaster socks booties

5 Timeless Black And White Fall Outfits Proposed By Iman, The Style Icon

… sharing her grace and wit with Net-a-Porter’s The Edit while covering their latest issue. Which I’ve come to appreciate greatly for its fashion focus with different ladies I look up to fashion-wise and other-wise. Because, make no mistake, beauty comes from the inside and style is build by and with character not with loaded credit cards and mindless shopping.

I’ve long admired Iman and I think she’s is and forever will be one of the most fashionable ladies, of exceptional beauty and brains. Not the kind that will build you a NASA robot (which she might as well do if confronted with the task) but the kind that will ensure a peaceful, happy home/living. And that, my dahlings – ask anyone – is sometimes harder to achieve than the said NASA robot! Iman is 58, 5ft 9in and 142pounds. Just in case we have some lovely readers who are passionate about numbers!

Iman latest magazine cover at 58

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Jennifer Garner And Michelle Williams Selling MaxMara And LV Bags This Fall

Countless years of tactics and misleading strategies may try to tell you otherwise, but this is the basic truth, my dahlings: advertising is just a way to convince people to take money out of their pockets! This pretty much ruins the advertorial charm, but sometimes we need a quick reminder in order to really appreciate the just value of any given instance or item.

Today’s case is a double advertising incident: Jennifer Garner was appointed the spokesface of MaxMara’s new fall 2013 advertising campaign which focuses on accessories. And more specifically on the JBag. Michelle Williams, on the other hand, keeps on capitalizing her Monroe-fame and partnered up with Louis Vuitton for a new ad campaign, photographed by Peter Lindbergh as you’ll see in the video after the jump.

Jennifer Garner MaxMara Michelle Williams Louis Vuitton campaigns

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Natural Makeup Is The New Makeup: Lady Gaga’s Winning Comeback Approach

(alternative title: Gaga vs. del Rey comeback confrontation countdown) So what is it about these two young ladies who besides sharing the same age (they’re both born in 1986 just two months away) seem to have started a war to determine who’s the fairest of them all? The most talented and most appealing entertainer?

I’m trying to approach this from a fashion-style amateur perspective and not from a musical point of view as my knowledge about their performing talents is just borderline relevant, not being a fan or extensive listener of either of them.

As is the habit nowadays, people are judged after the coat on their backs, their look more than they are from what their innate talents can produce to entertain the crowds. Because nobody has time and patience to see how ‘natural’ works. We have to tweak it, bend it and make it likable on the spot. Flash productivity. How do you do that? By changing the shell. By painting the walls of the same home in a brighter, different color so that people who went by your street and who didn’t stop to look at a white house now they’d just be paralyzed to see your house suddenly turned neon blue! (… we’ll get to Gaga in a sec, jump with me!)

Lady Gaga new look for new album

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5 New Amazing Finds For Your Home And More!

Here’s the WaterBean: a small gadget that could revolutionize the water consumption habits around the world! As you may know, some water sources are not entirely clean and safe to ingest and so bottled water tends to occupy one of the first positions in a household’s grocery budget.

The WaterBean is a flexible portable filter that you can insert into any plastic bottle, fill it with water, shake, swirl and ta-daam! You’re good to drink! How’s that possible? Well, the activated carbon, derived from coconut husks, the magnesium calcite will be released into the water, purifying it. Isn’t that a neat idea? I would love to try it out and use it, should it prove its efficacy!

5 new amazing home gadgets

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Kate And William’s Royal Baby Boy Craze

If you think that the Royal Wedding was really something worth mentioning, you haven’t seen the effects of the Royal Baby! Oh, wait, no, it’s #RoyalBaby ! Because, as it was to be expected, the Royal Baby has his own hashtag! Which has generated more than 2Million tweets sending Twitter into inevitable meltdown (at one point, the social media service counted more than 25k tweets/minute!).

But wait, that’s not all! The British troops expressed their joy at the birth announcement in their own manner while one of Britain’s Got Talent’s finalists, Jack Carroll, started cracking jokes at the #RoyalBaby’s expense and got everyone mad. On Twitter, biensur!

There’s (so much) more (including a video after the jump)!

RoyalBaby first appearance

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