Why Did Ghesquiere Leave Balenciaga: The Revealing Interview!

I told you about that reading period I was going through right now and about being struck by the Balenciaga ad published earlier. But let me get some reading out of my ‘System’ now…

A piece from System Magazine in which Nicolas Ghesquiere unreservedly talks about his departure from Balenciaga! You wanted to know more about that, admit it! Well, here’s your chance as Ghesquiere comes clean about the whys and the hows of his parting roads with the Balenciaga maison where he was the beating heart and the visionary mind for 15 years!

And, after reading the lines after the jump, start praying for Alexander Wang and his fashion integrity after entering the Balenciaga circle…

why did Nicolas Ghesquiere leave Balenciaga

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Kristen McMenamy Hides Face In Balenciaga New Ad Campaign

I was doing some reading lately and, right there in the middle of my fashion intelligent moment, I came across the new advertising visuals for the Balenciaga maison. Shrugged my shoulders, ‘meh’-ed and moved on.

I really thought the cramp pose was the worse that could happen to a model while posing in the name of fashion! It’s not. This is way worse! Do you know who this is? It’s Kristen McMenamy! I really wish Wang would step forward and decode this new Balenciaga ad campaign for the rest of us. Who clearly aren’t as fashion-avantgarde as this maison, or as Wang himself

Kristen McMenamy Balenciaga new ad campaign

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Top 3 Inspirational Finds You Want To Repin Today!

Browsing high and low on the vast alleys of Pinterest I usually come across visually breathtaking images, amazingly creative finds, mouthwatering kitchen experiments and generally all sorts of wonders.

Yesterday I said I would try to share these wonders with you, every day I can, get together some of the most wonderful pins I find&distribute back to the inspirational pincrowd! Today I couldn’t decide on just one, so I went for three. I’ll start with this gorgeous pair of shoes – it appears I’m on a footwear spree today.

gorgeous pair of summer high heel shoes

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Cute And Fashionable Summer Shoes: Valentino Polka Dots Espadrilles

How about these cute Valentino espadrilles? Part of the Pop-Pois collection, the beauties, available in six pretty summery colors are definitely not your ordinary espadrilles. And that’s not just because they come with a fancy Valentino label!

It’s also because they’re made of silk! Yes, the usual cotton fabric was replaced by this luxurious silk to make your feet feel in Heaven while wearing the rope-soled espadrilles. You know Fashion isn’t about novelty but about expression. Expressing the same old comfort in a new, luxurious way seems the secret modus operandi that Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli believe in whenever they draw or design anything under the Valentino umbrella.

lovely fashionable summer shoes Valentino polka dots espadrilles

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Stella McCartney’s Lingerie, 2013

I feel we talked about lingerie so many times before, I don’t need to bring this topic into discussion again. And again. However! (you knew it was coming – wink) I found that the devil is in the details and every tiny stitch counts for the overall comfort feeling. And if a pair of jeans can be slouchier than the next one, we can’t have the same applying to our undergarments. Lace, silk, ribbons and all the wonderful frilly things making a lingerie so beautiful can never be labeled with ‘slouchy’. Or worse: boyfriend style.

Yeah, it definitely looks better on the big screen, a girl in a men’s boxers. But from there into reality, into the everyday reality, like going to the office with a pair of that underneath your skirt… well.. I think I was descriptive enough!

So girly lingerie it is! Stella McCartney, one of the most accessible and enjoyable fashion designers today (remember she’s bff with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson) released her lingerie collection for the new 2013 season (that’s fall – winter 2013 for the fashion amateurs out there who still think fashion follows the weather logic).

Stella McCartney underwear 2013 collection

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Milla Jovovich Hysterical Vogue Turkey May 2013

I’ll start by saying that I really like Milla Jovovich. Just to take any doubt out of your mind when reading these lines! But this cover is… umm odd? To put it lightly, elegantly! Milla looks like someone very expansive and jovial in her every day tasks and her curricular enterprises so far, but this is way too expansive. Way to jovial. Jovovich-ial.

Vogue Turkey’s May 2013 issue revolves around music and Milla is no stranger to that field as we all know it. More so, it seems that she has a new album ready to be released this month? Good for her! But really, that pose? Not such a good idea, fashion-wise! There’s no word about the photographer yet, but the cover line for Vogue story reads ‘Natural Disaster’. Quite appropriate, isn’t it? After the jump you can see two more previews from the pictorial, nothing to lift off the ‘disaster’ label from the cover! But do please argue in favor of this hysterical pictorial, I’m open to suggestion!

Milla Jovovich Vogue Turkey May 2013 cover

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7 Inspiring Finds You Need To Repin!

Call it a Sunday after hours, or a new Frizz series, this is another foray into the wonderful world of Pinterest, that nice little oasis of all things inspiring and beautiful I like to sink into few times a day.

As such, I’d like to share the inspiration and the wonderful finds by sharing 1 to 7 inspiring images, items, moments I came across on the great alleys of Pinterest. Today I started out with 7 because I wanted it to be a ‘Sunday after-hours’ more than a ‘kick-start Monday’ which I already did (by the way: how did you like ‘Soothe My Soul’?). Too much talk, let’s take a dip in the creative pool:

How do you feel about Feather Earrings? We talked about this kind of earrings before, here I am at it again, with a lovely pair of leather feather earrings from Love at First Blush. Fabulous handmade earrings designed by Sabrina Chin (one look at her designs was enough to leave me drooling… ahem dreaming about every single one of them! A girl after my own heart!)

leather feathered gold dipped earrings Sabrina Chin

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Depeche Mode Soothe My Soul

My dahlings! Every Friday Break, to me, is like therapy room: I come clean with all my musical obsessions. And music, to me, was always an obsession. An addiction of you will. If I’m sad or feeling low, music will certainly help with that.

When I was …errr… younger?, I had this strong obsession for Depeche Mode. It was before my trip hop years and it was the perfect electronic prequel to that. They always knew how to perfectly balance electro with pop and especially rock. And this year they released a new album: Delta Machine. Needless to day it’s on heavy rotation on my playlist!

Amid the amazing pieces on this album (I must say I only had eyes for the good reviews. And there were many of them!) there’s one I particularly keep on playing and replaying. It’s really invigorating (for me) and makes for an hour of cardio. In 4 minutes. Not bad: Soothe My Soul, Depeche Mode. I do hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did (give it time, it gets to you) and I also hope it’ll help kick-start a new wonderful week for you! Now hit the jump and press play!

Depeche Mode Delta Machine Soothe My Soul

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