Helena Bonham Carter As Elizabeth Taylor Looks Like This:

I remember thinking that having Lindsay Lohan impersonating the grand Liz Taylor was a mistake. But then, after careful consideration, I slowly came to terms with that reality and made peace with LiLo’s incarnation of Liz. Because they have so much in common!

When I saw Vogue UK’s Helena Bonham Carter cover, I imagined there would have to be a movie behind it. Something beyond the Lone Ranger (which wasn’t all that appreciated. Because now people are more sensitive to how the race matter is handled on the big/small screen than on the cinematographically strong value of the actual filmed product.) And that’s how I found out about Helena Bonham Carter being the next Elizabeth Taylor. In yet another incarnation of the endlessly legendary story of Richard Burton and Liz Taylor. Dominic West is playing Mr. Burton and their performance is part of a TV film that will premiere this fall on BBC America. Will it be better than Liz&Dick? We’ll wait and see…

Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth Taylor looks like this

Superheroes Use Superformula Against All Evil! Amazing DC Comics Initiative!

Now since I got started about motherhood and all… This was a no-keeper! I just had to share! We’re sometimes having the roughest of times explaining some medical concepts to our children. From birth to medication and death, kids are ever-so-curious about every existential detail! We always said we’d be honest with our kids and we’ll do our best to explain everything to them, with the best words and examples they can wrap around their tiny pretty heads!

But this totally blew me! Partnering up with Warner Bros., the advertising agency JWT and the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center from Sao Paulo, Brazil, a special super-campaign was initiated, especially designed and designated for the children who battle with cancer!

Superformula DC Comics partnership children cancer center Brazil

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Strolling Style: Longboard Baby Stroller

I actually have a few expecting mothers to whom I could recommend this! I know, it’s not your typical style feature, but you know I tend to do this! Especially if it intersects motherhood

Are you familiar with Quinny? They make these awesomely compact urban strollers I really loved looking at. Yes, you’re reading that right. Although I appreciate the qualities of a Quinny stroller, my heart will always be with MacLaren. The connaisseurs know why! (wink)

Anywhoo, this is a Quinny hybrid. And, like all hybrids, this is a hipster item. Something you must own just because. And I’m not saying it’s not fun, it sure looks like a lot of fun from the pictures, but, really? A Longboard Stroller? We used to stroll with our roller-skates on. Until one day I didn’t have time to brake. So the first thing I’ll ask about this Longboard Stroller designed by Quinny and Studio Peter van Riet: where are the brakes? (there’s a short video after the jump with the ‘test stroll’)

longboard stroller test

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The Weird Asthetic Of Marc Jacobs New Ad Campaign: Lily McMenamy, Edie Campbell

What was I saying earlier? About the trend makers setting some really weird general lines for this upcoming fall’s fashion and overall style? Well, here I am at it again, with a new ad campaign hinting at style oddities.

I understand that everyone and their respective fashion dogs bows before Edie Campbell’s charms and that Lily McMenamy rolled out her royal fashion pedigree on the catwalks of the world, but this Marc Jacobs ad campaign is far from being appealing in any fashion sense. It’s not even inspiring or funny. Is weird. And even slightly offending if we’re to take Lily’s grin and compare it to a certain health condition.

I’m really disappointed at the new aesthetic of this fall’s fashion! Juergen Teller and Hedi Slimane for YSL and Marc Jacobs respectively captured the visual oddity more than the style inspiration of the next fashion season.

Lily McMenamy Edie Campbell Marc Jacobs weird Fall 2013 ad campaign

Vogue Turkey Takes Karlie Kloss To The Beach In June 2013

When it comes to delivering body issues, Karlie Kloss just seem to do it better. Than Gisele, in this case. Something about Karlie makes me look at her and think she’s always ready to jump, snap or do a crazy twist. Something. Everything about Karlie is willowy and elastic to my eyes.

Both ladies are beautiful in their own right and I can only look up to them and wish I’d be just a tiny percent fit like they are! But then again, like I always remind myself: it’s their job to look this way (and ours to observe and react). Miguel Reveriego captured Karlie’s quirky spirit and youthful allure in a series of beach photographs hinting back at the 80s glamour and sophistication.

Karlie Kloss Vogue Turkey swimsuit cover

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The Missing Nail: $12,000 For A Single Fake Nail Worn By Lady Gaga

Last I heard from Lady Gaga she was still recovering after her hip surgery and walked around in absurdly expensive, opulent chairs (try made of gold) and I think I spotted her at Kim Kardashian’s baby shower… But laying low has its advantages as one of Lady Gaga’s fake nails was just auctioned off for appx $12,000.

One. Nail. $12,000. Sure, the auctioneer also received a few pictures from the tour in which Lady Gaga wore the said acrylic nail and a ‘Born this Way’ tour shirt. The nail was allegedly recovered from stage by one of the crew members and then auctioned off on ArtFact.

To each job its benefits… Stage-diggers should be classified as such and receive praise for recovering artfacts from our living artists! They should invent fake skin so that everyone may get the chance (for the appropriate sum, biensur) to slip under Gaga’s or Beyonce’s skin or whoever else you admire…

lady Gaga fake nail auctioned off for 12k

Gisele Bunchen’s Vogue Italia June 2013 Cover Real?

Gisele Bundchen also on the cover of Vogue Italia’s June 2013 issue? After seeing what Mario Testino did with her for Vogue Brazil’s June 2013 pictorial, coming to terms with the lack of imagination and innovation in Vogue’s worldwide hqs was a heartbreaking issue to deal with.

Coincidentally, also a health and body issue, just like Vogue Brazil. Except this one is said to be photographed by Steven Meisel and in a slightly different angle than the all-physical Brazilian approach. Vogue Italia’s beauty is more about pampering and body-care.

However, if you take a good look at the cover, you’ll notice, just like the nice and passionate tFS people, that the masthead is a bit uneven and overall, a sloppy Photoshop work. No word about the new cover on any of Vogue Italia’s social channels, so what say you? Is this the real deal? Would you like it if it were? Would you rather leave it on the newsstand?

Gisele Bundchen Vogue Italy June 2013 cover

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Angelina Jolie Back To Black: YSL Dress For World War Z Premiere

Some time ago, when I started this wonderful Frizz-adventure, my celebrity news seem to go round and round what Angelina Jolie did and what she wore. But back then, the entire Red Carpet thing was just… different. Angelina herself is different.

But somehow still the same. Angelina Jolie loves a good black outfit. And for the world premiere of her partner, Brad Pitt’s new film, World War Z, Angelina’s black dress was both stunning and familiar. Sure, everyone was waiting to see some sign of distress, something that would give away the amazing struggle she confessed to only days ago. But no, all we saw was the usual bright, wide smiling, lean Angelina who looks great in an elegant evening dress, her usual hair color, her usual winged makeup, everything looked normal.

Angelina Jolie radiant after her surgery

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