7 Essential Fall Winter Footwear For Women

Are you waiting for the latest deals to complete your fall-winter footwear buys? Trying to find out if your comfy ol’ boots can still do the trick this season? Scroll down to find the answers to these questions and solve your cold season footwear dilemma once and for all!

I actually hesitated about making this quick guide just about boots: not all of us favor boots during the cold season. And especially, not routinely! But let’s go trough the essential footwear for fall and winter and you can share your mind in the comments section!

{1} Tall Boots

everyone needs a pair. You can tuck your jeans in or wear them with a skirt or a dress, a nice looking pair of tall boots with or without high heel, will make a great addition to your fall closet!

Keep in mind that when you’re buying that pair of tall boots, there should be enough space around your calf to allow your jeans to fit in. Or perhaps you plan on wearing them with some cozy looking leg warmers or high knee socks for a boho look – you’ll need that space between your calf and the boot.

fall winter footwear guide for women

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5 Reasons Why H&M Holidays Campaign Is Better Than The Hilfigers

What are your plans for the Holidays? Family and cozy are the feelings that go through your mind right now?

H&M has you covered (well, of course it has!) and their 2013 Holidays Ad Campaign is all about (imaginary) families, fun, fashion, cozy. And did I say fun already? Yeah, well – double that!

Alex Lubomirski photographed a handful of highly esteemed models, among which Christy Turlington, Doutzen Kroes, Sean O’Pry for an utterly fun lookbook styled by Robert Rydberg. The hair was done by Ben Skervin, makeup by Tyron Machhauser and nails by Lorrain Griffin.

I wanted to write something serious and haute illustrating the lack of originality as this campaign resembles Tommy Hilfiger’s The Hilfigers series. But I chose the fun card instead. After the break, I’ll break down the comparison H&M Holidays Campaign vs The Hilfigers in 5 easy, light steps but first press play to see the magic, right after the jump:

Holidays ad campaigns Hilfigers vs HM

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Victoria’s Secret 2013 Fashion Show Facts And Photos

Looking for the hottest models and the hottest lingerie? Look no more, I gathered all the important facts and all the show’s looks right here!

Clearly one of the most expected shows of all and any fashion seasons, Victoria’s Secret 2013 Fashion Show happened last night, on November 13, 2013.

The doors opened at 7pm at 69th Regiment Armory while the show started one hour later while the after-party was held at Tao Downtown. Victoria’s Secret Angels strutted their wings on the catwalk next to special musical guests, smiling, waving, blowing kisses and blowing minds. Let’s see the facts and the looks:

Victoria s Secret 2013 fashion show backstage models

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7 Essential Style Rules For Men (Infographics)

Having doubts about paring this or that from your wardrobe? Worse: are you feeling clueless about the right contents of a men’s wardrobe?

I identified 7 tips and tricks, suggestions and multiple visual examples with infographics about a man’s style and wardrobe to help you find the answer to the man fashion riddle. Or simply refine and enhance the useful style knowledge you already possessed. Let’s start digging into the men’s wardrobe secrets:

{1} Focus on the essentials

Draw a list like the one below, with what should fit in your/man closet, evaluating not the seasonal trends but the daily routine. This is a general wardrobe plan that should cover all situations.

Men s wardrobe essentials cheatsheet part1

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8 Classic Artworks Recreated By Jessica Chastain In Vogue US December 2013

Did you miss Jessica Chastain? Were you expecting her to land a Vogue cover any time soon? Well, here she is! Looking back at us from a very artistically photographed Vogue December 2013 cover!

Annie Leibovitz authored this stunning pictorial and, of course, Grace Coddington styled it. The wonderful makeup job belongs to Diane Kendall while the hair was shaped by – who else? – Julien D’Ys.

I mentioned something about fashion as an art, yesterday, when I talked about Claire Danes and her Interview. How about fashion in art? Reenacting classic art with a little help from the beautiful Jessica Chastain and the Vogue US team? Click through to see 9 classic paintings and photographs that were the source of inspiration for the American Vogue’s December 2013 cover story pictorial!

Jessica Chastain yellow dress Vogue US December 13 cover

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3 Fashion Fails From Interview November 2013 With Claire Danes

Curious and hungry for more Homeland? Hoping for Claire Danes to spill more secrets from the series backstage with every new magazine she’s in?

She’s on the cover of the November 2013 issue of Interview magazine and the inside story was penned by Dustin Hoffman. That sounds promising enough, doesn’t it? Because as far as the fashion quality of her pictorial, I was rather disappointed. Fabien Baron signed the photographs that seem to deliver a new level of glamour for Claire, as styled by Karl Temper. And while everything looks perfect, 3 fashion fails sneaked up in this visual story! Let’s see if you found them as well:

Claire Danes Interview November 2013 golden cover

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New Red Carpet Sensation: Cleavage Is The New Black

7 fabulous ladies will show you how to put your cleavage in the spotlight for the new season! Summer endless tanned pins are no longer a show off on the Red Carpet. Dramatic décolletés have claimed the main spotlight as we’re approaching the Holiday Season.

Over the past couple of weeks I noticed a few daring ladies who illustrated the above while attending official events all around the world. Let’s get inspired from:

Anna Faris was edgy yet very demure in her white Herve Leger by Max Azria dress. She chose to highlight her cleavage through the fishnet panels of her bodyglove dress. Very chic, yet only suitable for perfect bodies as the stretchy white fabric is utterly unforgiving with one’s silhouette!

Anna Faris white dress Herve Leger Max Azria

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Dare To Wear Unique Steampunk Jewelry By Pete And Veronica?

Would you describe yourself as a whimsical person? Would you rather go indie than splurge a month’s salary on the latest Vuitton bag? Gather round, you’re among friends!

These were just two of the questions that popped in my mind because I wanted to talk about something more offbeat and less cliché today. I wanted to ask you the ‘Dare to Wear’ question… Dare to Wear Steampunk jewelry? Because I came across a rather magical collection!

Pete and Veronica’s unique handmade jewelry have a strange appeal to them, a distinct magic and mysticism that’s pertinent to the steampunk jewelry kind.

steampunk zipper butterfly handmade necklace

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