5 Fab Pink Finds To Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We’re already half through October, the month of Breast Cancer Awareness. The official color designated for the cause is – which other? – pink. As Angelina Jolie started an incredible buzz when she confessed publicly to her double mastectomy, I feel there’s definitely need to spread the word even more, to try and reach out to those in need of more information, of more support to detect and intervene in the earliest stages of the disease.

As such, I decided to write about the cause and try to do my part in this story. As do others. Because I care and because I think we should all care. But I try to look at things from a positive perspective: I have family history, thus I’m biased in my approach. I have a loving family and this helps me in thinking ‘pink’. And I’m not the only one! Pink pops up everywhere around us and here’s just a handful of some surprising pink finds to honor the Breast Cancer Awareness cause:

Candice Swanepoel ad Versace Bright Crystal Absolu perfume

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Dancing Celebs: Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks Chopsticks, Tom Hiddleston Disco

You know what they say about proper dancing? That you should dance like nobody’s watching? I often wonder how celebrities feel about dancing… with the entire world watching! But today I got some answers…

(have you seen Gravity yet? I would love to share some thoughts about that movie, should anyone feel like commenting on the matter!) Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks were guests in The Jonathan Ross Show and were challenged to play Chopsticks on a giant floor piano! While Tom Hanks was really excited and jumpy about the entire thing, Sandra Bullock really defied the world in a towering pair of Christian Louboutin shoes (which happen to look exactly like Louboutin’s Bana Vernis platforms featuring a 55inch heel and retailing for $780 at current exchange rate). I will forever cherish her line ‘…oh! I can do Chopsticks in my heels!’ check her out after the jump, she’s amazing! Nah, actually they both are!

Sandra Bullock Tom Hanks piano Chopsticks dance

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Exquisite Nail Polish Comparison: OPI 18k White Gold Vs. Azature Diamonds

Are you a complete nail nerd? Are you a complete Mariah fan? Would you like to dress up your nails for winter? Yes, already! Because it seems that O.P.I. has planned something really special in collaboration with Mariah Carey: a holiday nail polish collection!

But the star of the new lacquer set is Mariah Pure. A very rich silver leaf top coat with real 18k White Gold. The special bottle comes with a special box and a lot of buzz, just like OPI’s Man with the Golden Gun, the special top coat edition for the latest Bond movie. That one had real 18k gold in it.

A total of 18 nail polishes for the Mariah Carey OPI collection are available for your delight and although 6 of them are ‘liquid sand’, the new gritty sparkly formula everyone loves, Pure will certainly be the star of the new launch. As for the retail price – OPI’s Skyfall limited edition gold topcoat was released least year with a $30 price. Months later, should you still find it, you can expect to pay double ($60) for a 15ml – 0.5 OZ polish bottle and I’m certain the same will happen to Pure’s price tag as well. So make up your mind pretty fast as Pure was already released and is now available for purchase.

precious nail polish OPI Pure Azature Diamonds

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3 Striking Vogue International Fall 2013 Covers

It’s a good day for Vogue covers. And generally, it’s a good day for bright threesomes. Wink. Not the type you’d expect, though, as I already tried to surprise you earlier with a set of three gadgets you might not have seen coming for the upcoming Holiday season. Now I’d like to take this opportunity and insert a reasonable doubt that maybe, just maybe, the grand Vogue US and UK respectively, may be slightly old fashioned?

Sure, they go with certified values (Sandra Bullock and Claire Danes for the latest covers we discussed) but a quick look at the following three Vogue international covers is enough to declare them uber fashionable and very stylish.

Great models, great fashion, great photographers, great results. The least we can do is acknowledge these three great covers and sigh with admiration.

3 fabulous international Vogue covers Fall 2013

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3 Unexpectedly Expensive Precious Accessories

If you know who’s been naughty or nice, better have them bank accounts ready to go! The Holiday Season is upon us in a matter of days: do you have your gift list ready? Not meaning to impose or anything, but I thought you should know about some of the most expensive finds I came across recently. Just in case you want to pay thousand times more on accessories or gadgets you wouldn’t have thought can cost so much!

I know how it sounds, but some people do value ‘undecover’ items, small fortunes disguised in every day objects! So let’s roll up our sleeves, peel our eyes and prepare to be amazed! Starting with no. {3} and moving onward towards the mind blowing! (hit the jump to see them all!)

Ray Ban Aviators gold edition

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The Girl From ‘Blurred Lines’ Video Photographed For CR Fashion Book Fall 2013

Remember Thicke’s Blurred Lines? Among the many reasons that brought the controversy upon Pharrell and Thicke’s song and video, Emily Ratajkowski was one of the main motifs to like or dislike it (at least the video).

But much like another modern fashion days icon, Kate Upton, Emily is also the new magazines darling following her dancing in that video. Somewhere along the ‘blurred lines’, pole dancing has reached the stage of art and it’s now casting a ‘celebrity’ spotlight on girls who normally wouldn’t have made it further than Swimsuit Illustrated. The aesthetic value of these young ladies doesn’t go deeper than their bra size, their pout volume or their bouncing dancing moves.

Talking about Carine Roitfeld’s movie earlier reminded me that I had seen a snippet of her CR Fashion Book Fall 2013, a Bruce Weber pictorial with Karlie Kloss and our girl Emily Ratajkowski.

the girl from Thicke Blurred Lines fashion pictorial

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Kim Kardashian 3 Fashion Disasters In A Week!

As if we needed more proof of Kanye West’s fashion views! Kim Kardashian is under the supreme style counsel of Kanye and she’s chaining fashion disaster after fashion disaster! Remember when she was a walking catwalk? I never thought I’d say that, but: I miss those days!

Now Kimmy is friends with haute designers (she even called Riccardo Tisci ‘Ricky’ in a discrete thank you note via Twitter) and a new mother, attending Fashion Week but a walking fashion disaster while doing so! At first, I thought it was just the Parisian air that didn’t go well with her lungs as two of her fashion wreck outfits happened during PFW, last week (the grey leggings & Minnetonka boots while at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris and the black dress while attending the Mademoiselle C Cocktail party, also in Paris) but just the other day she had lunch with her sister on US soil and she still didn’t hit the right fashion notes!

Kim Kardashian fashion disaster in a week

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5 Fashion Must For Fall Miranda Kerr Mango Fall Collection

Aren’t you curious to see what a former Angel is doing? How is life outside Victoria’s Secret box? Join me, as my Inbox, although crammed up with pumpkin goodies and Halloween costumes ideas (not to mention fall polish new launches) is stocking on winter fashion ideas. So here I am, malgre moi, admiring the new fall winter 2013 lookbook beautifully modeled by Miranda Kerr for Mango.

Mango seems to be onto something, doesn’t it? In the past couple of years, they followed a steady path neighboring fashion bloggers and street fashion, celebrity and wearability that’s getting them somewhere. Into fashion wardrobe worldwide. Mango has become a sort of you-don’t-want-to-miss style destination I’m checking up every season.

Arranging for Miranda Kerr to be photographed by Inez and Vinoodh is also another trick that charmed me into reviewing their new catalog. Ready to see what my top 5 For Fall is?

fall fashion must long cardi Mango Miranda

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