Christy Turlington Is Everywhere This Fall! Chanel, Jason Wu, Prada Ads

Remember we were celebrating the return of the wonderful Christy Turlington a while back, when we talked about her modeling again for Calvin Klein? Well, it’s not just for CK! This week we discovered a radiant Christy Turlington Burns in campaigns for Jason Wu, Chanel and Prada.

While I’m still disturbed by the body-double thing in Kate Moss’ Stuart Weitzman ad campaign, I’m looking at the always gorgeous Christy and ask myself if it’s really her in all the shots! Who’s to say, now that there were no paps outside the location where the ad campaigns were photographed, nobody really knows if they haven’t used the same double-trick in these ads as well!

Christy Turlington Fall 2013 campaigns Prada Wu Chanel

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Kate Moss Needs A Body Double For This Stuart Weitzman Ad Campaign?

These are strange times we’re living in, my dahlings! Not only does the pressure of looking younger with every year keeps on growing alarmingly, but! With every season we see more and more altered ad campaigns for the purpose of illustrating that the fountain of youth does exists (in various apps and image retouching programs).

However, reading that for the upcoming Stuart Weitzman Fall 2013 ad campaign even Kate Moss used a body double is beyond my understanding! The woman is 39 and she’s still looking hotter than most of the women of the world will ever look, and even after being the fashion industry for more than two decades she still gets more covers, pictorials and campaigns than any other model!

Kate Moss boots Stuart Weitzman ad campaign

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Fabric Grace: Underwater Photography, Meg Cowell

I have an enduring appreciation for underwater photography. The way the texture floats and the wavy moving charm of fabric in an underwater environment is fascinating for my fashamateur eye.

Meg Cowell’s series of underwater photos called ‘To The Surface’ is enchanting and I’d really like you to take a look and feel time floating above you like a piece of costumey fashion. The unbearable lightness of an historical outfit washed out in the magic of underground, brought to life by the versatile source of life and visual enchantment.

amazing underwater photography Meg Cowell

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First Look: The Hobbit, The Desolation Of Smaug

Tauriel, Legolas, Thranduil cover Empire’s new issue in reference to Peter Jackson’s new release of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit adaptation for the big screen. Until this December, when the movie actually hits theaters worldwide, we’ll have more inside scoops at this new episode called ‘The Desolation of Smaug’.

If we already knew Legolas and Thranduil before this new film, Tauriel comes as an entirely new character as invented by Peter Jackson in an attempt to bring more femininity in the Hobbit’s adventures. From the role that forged Evangeline Lily into our hearts in the now-legendary TV series Lost to Tauriel, a connective thread exists as Peter Jackson imagined this new Elf as the head of the Elven Guard, a fantastic warrior.

the Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug Empire August cover

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Wear Casual Black For A Bright Future

I was recently tipped about a lovely page of style in the neverending book of fashion interwebs and I decided I shouldn’t keep it all for myself. Bright Future is a slightly offbeat brand blending music and urban culture in a black set of clothing appealing to the young and fashionable individuals who care more about a style of their own than the style of the many or the many styles.

The modern woman who wears a lot of black in a lot of different, minimalist ways will most definitely see a Bright Future in this LA based clothing brand.

LA based clothing brand BrightFuture

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What Is Madonna’s Secret Project?

The original Queen of Controversy is off to something. And it seems to be pretty big. Teaming up with Steven Klein once more, her Madgesty is barely teasing us with her #secretproject.

Now that Gaga is out of the way (let’s just say that she’s resting), Madonna wants her throne back and she wants it back in style. Her usual controversy filled, strong imagery and potentially offending symbolism are back in a 59 seconds long trailer of which I captured the visuals below.

I know it’s not much and not hinting anywhere particularly. But it’s Madonna. And Steven Klein. And together, they’re onto something big. The trailer is here, should you watch it, you’ll immediately understand why I left it out of our beloved StyleFrizz. It’s dodgy and dark, slithery and subversive. In a strange, commercial kind of way. Speculate away!

Madonna secret project trailer

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Scarlett Johansson Brings Vanity Fair In France

We may not have heard much about Scarlett Johansson since her epic separation from Ryan Reynolds, but she’s alive and kicking. In France! We knew she wasn’t your ordinary blond bombshell since she entered the fancy cinematic world of Woody Allen, or Sofia Coppolla, but Scarlett is keen on showing us how different and lost in Hollywood translation she was and still is!

And what better way to demonstrate that but with a story in a French magazine? She’s Hollywood raised but adopted by the French hospitality and way of living. As the cover of Vanity Fair’s first French issue warns us: Scarlett is living above a café where they’re playing the accordion… La Boheme, la boheme!

Scarlett Johansson Vanity Fair France first issue

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Have You Seen Lily Cole’s Rubber Jewelry Collection?

Lily Cole is one of my favorite models ever. Her unique features and adorable gingerness have not yet been upstaged by any other model. Plus she took a break from modeling to get a higher education and now is involved with environmental causes? Chapeau!

Her latest doing is a jewelry line that would contribute to the salvation of the Amazonian forest. A collection made with wild rubber and metal designed by the model herself with prices ranging from $15 for a ring to $30 for a necklace. Each of the rings, earrings or necklaces are available in four different rubber colors and some of them are already sold out.

Lily Cole Jewelry rubber earrings necklace

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